January 19, 2021

Violence damages all causes | Economy

Violence damages all causes | Economy

Strike of taxi drivers, this Tuesday in Barcelona.

Freedom of expression and manifestation, yes. But they should not derive a patent to occupy cities in a way that severely restricts, in a continuous manner and with threats and violence, the freedom of movement of others. And its integrity: journalists or competitors.

The excesses of this last and permanent strike of taxi drivers in Barcelona and Madrid not only alienate previous citizen sympathies. They paint big economic events, such as the Mobile or Fitur, key to the metropolises that host them. And they make it more difficult to solve an already annoying and arduous problem.

It is, because it is always difficult to reconcile legitimate – and sometimes entrenched – interests of the opposing sectors. All, taxi drivers and drivers of Uber and Cabify, have them, covered by different licenses, European and local regulations, which establish different requirements for passenger transport.

The difficulty is enlarged to a large extent by an industrial conversion that is promising radical. A sector (the one of the taxi) crosses, next to traditional virtues, a decline, the weight and the inertias of the past, even some despicable mafioso practices.

Y the bearer of future in technology, in flexibility and capacity for competition and prices (the VTC) It also points out weak points. As a lower specification of requirements and responsibilities and a weak labor protection siamesa of other platform industries.
For more inri, the competition and intervention of three different levels of governance -state, autonomic and local-, and occupied by different forces, hamper the forge of a consensus regulation.

May it open the way to the beatitudes of the future without leaving the hard-pressed heirs of the past in the ditch. While this is happening, the integral citizen liberties of both capitals should not wane between exculpations of responsibility of each level of government.
The radical nature of some abuses has to do with what some people play: their assets, their life savings, or future ones (via credit) with those who acquired their licenses at astronomical prices.

We must put an end to its pricey auction system. With its hereditary character, so that upon retirement or death of the driver the license returns to the Administration. And equalize the conditions of access to the trade. But that needs negotiation. Weather. Periodification. Assignments Soft financial support Firmness. Pactism. Politics.


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