April 13, 2021

Vinicus, where were you then?

Vinicus, where were you then?

The question that many are asking these days at Real Madrid is why Vinicius did not appear on the team before. They ask themselves, and they will never have an answer, that perhaps with more minutes in previous matches, their adaptation to the first team would have been faster and that maybe, just maybe, the fall of Real Madrid in the first section of LaLiga could have stopped . They are hypotheses and issues that will remain unresolved but that sting a few within the offices of the white club. One of the great tensions between Lopetegui and the leaders of the entity was the little attention paid to the Brazilian player. Madrid fought to remove the sanction before the game of Camp Nou, but then Solari did not call.

From the offices he was thought of as a solution to the serious problems that Madrid was going through, but Lopetegui was always very respectful with the hierarchies of the costumes and considered that the time of the Brazilian was about to arrive and that, with his youth, put him in the Eleven holder with the situation so tricky was not doing him any favors.

The past, however, is immovable; the only thing that can be changed and fixed is what is to come. For example, the meeting tomorrow, the first leg of the Cup at Camp Nou. Real Madrid goes with another face, different from the one at the end of October, when it arrived at the Barca field with hardly any certainties, and is now holding on to Vinicius as a great hope to hurt the rival. Suddenly, those of Valverde have to worry about what might happen to his back. Sergi Roberto, who usually occupies the right wing, is not a defensive specialist and that's where Madrid can start the rematch they have between their eyebrows since the sensations are positive in the white dressing room.

Up to 10 dribbles tried against Alavés in the last league match, of the 24 that the team tried. Not all of them come out, but they all worry the rival. It is evident that he has given Madrid an imbalance that he did not have before and an exit for the attack to open the most complicated matches. During the first part of the clash last Sunday, with the Alavés well closed back, 40% of the attacks of the Solari came by the left wing, which moved and asked for the Brazilian ball. Seeking him to go deeper, to get faster to the area has become almost a routine for white midfielders. Also for Benzema, who is very comfortable associating with a footballer who, despite his youth, has enough character and talent to dare to dare everything that comes his way. There were some moments of the game in which Bale looked desperate on the other side asking his teammates to look for him in one of his unmarks.

Vinicius has been a starter in Madrid's last nine games. It was against Real Sociedad in the second game of the year and although it ended in defeat, the impression it left was that it would be difficult to take it away. Of the 1,099 minutes that this course has played with the first group, 740 are from this last section. No footballer has played as many matches as he. Solari has been taking advantage of Copa del Rey matches to give rotations and breaks. From Ramos to Benzema, two of the most fit players, all have gone through the bench or have seen a non-decisive match from the stands.

Vinicius no, Vini plays everything, because Solari now considers that it is time to give him confidence and also because he thinks there is no better way to grow and adapt to a team like Real Madrid than being a starter. Also in the Camp Nou, maybe with Messi in front.


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