April 15, 2021

Vinicius learns, progresses and infects | sports

Vinicius learns, progresses and infects | sports

Nobody knows Vinicius' roof, a prognosis that already invites debate, but it is impossible to discuss its effect on Real Madrid, which not so long ago invited disaster. That sad team, without energy or game, has regained health in recent games. The improvement affects almost all the indicators: the victories follow each other, the average of goals increases and the horizon of the titles seems much clearer. Whatever the explanation of the change, it will go through the Vinicius effect.

Although it sounds like heresy, his instantaneous contribution is reminiscent of the one produced by two other cheeky youths: Raúl and Casillas. Both were legends of Madrid, category that admits very few players, but before settling as idols were the necessary revulsive in very disturbing stages. Raúl was not intimidated by the myth of Butragueño and seized the position in a stroke. Casillas finished at once with the serious concern in the goal.

None were expected and both deserved criticism in some sectors of the criticism, before the reality of their brilliant careers was imposed. More than football, its first impact was emotional. They raised the temperature of the team, connected with the core of Real Madrid and became indispensable, above their inexperience and the logical juvenile defects. Without them, just two kids, the team was worse.

Something similar happens now. You do not have to be a sociologist to interpret the adhesion of the fans to Vinicius. There is some love at first sight, or fine intuition, or simply appreciation of merit. It is not easy to discuss the fan when this relationship occurs, which goes beyond the football. The Bernabéu has drawn a line with Vinicius because he knows that the team would be another, and not better, without the Brazilian.

The main difference with Raul and Casillas lies in the initial prejudice. Unlike them, Vinicius neither comes from the quarry, nor has he arrived for free. It is the most expensive signing of Madrid since James in the summer of 2014, considerable weight for a kid forced to demonstrate both his category and his character and ambition. One month has been enough for him to come out winner of all his challenges.

Vinicius only had one advantage: the progressive fatigue of Real Madrid with the team. The Bernabéu cried out for something different, young blood, optimism, agitation. More important than any prejudice with respect to Vinicius was the message he conveyed: the novelty against wear. The boy did not fail. Against Valladolid, he appropriated that goal that was not, but that the fans gave him heart. More than a goal was a clamor, the demand for change in the team.

If the Brazilian first meant an emotional experience for Real Madrid, its effect on the team was just as fast and powerful. Vinicius extended the energy he needed for the team, but his importance would be reduced if his influence were reduced to the emotional, to his youthful daring: he has also raised the flying of football at Real Madrid.

It seems that this recent Madrid has decided to look like Vinicius. It is a more insistent, vigorous and deep team, qualities that of course adorn their young striker, who in four weeks has passed almost all the tests that most good players take a while to overcome. In each game he adds new and healthy aspects to his repertoire, without falling into Mannerist rhetoric. It learns quickly, in short, and encourages you to think about its high ceiling and an intelligence that now benefits the whole team.

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