January 23, 2021

Vinicius explains how Zidane has helped him improve the auction

The Brazilian striker is once again a fundamental piece of Real Madrid

Vinicius is, once again, in one of his best moments and is once again one of the most imbalancing players in Real Madrid. The Brazilian striker explained himself in an interview on Intensive Esporte:

«Zidane uses the videos to show what the players have done right or wrong after a game and certain things that we should improve. We score less goals than the other teams this year and that is why we have good results », he says and adds how the French coach has helped him improve:” Zidane talks a lot with the players. It gives me confidence and gives me peace of mind so that he is ready when my time comes, help all players to be confident and make better decisions in games. He is with me in training and helps me improve my effectiveness and my movements when shooting. Everything is easier with a former player as coach. It helps me a lot on and off the pitch ».

The Brazilian acknowledges that the season, with an injury at the beginning, has not been easy: “I have been very calm with the family and always thinking about the club and the tranquility of playing. I found the best when I was in the season and it was not worse at the beginning of the season, It was a little difficult and playing less, but the club always gave me more support so that I could have the peace of mind of having this moment now, which are the best matches in January and February. We need all the players. ”

But at no time he thought about leaving: “It did not go through my head and I know that in football everything changes every minute in the game you have to always be calm. Sometimes you go out with the head that you want to change clubs and in the middle of a season it is always quite complicated. I never thought that. I always thought about staying here, doing my best and playing again with the best players in the world. I think there is nothing better than going out for another club, the level of training and play will go down a bit. ”

It was the Brazilians who supported him the most: “Marcelo, Casemiro, Militao, Rodrygo … We are younger and we are always giving each other strength, also to have peace of mind, because here it is always said that the hardest thing is not to arrive, the hardest thing is to keep yourself and have a good head ”.


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