April 16, 2021

Vinicius connects and Bale keeps looking for | sports

Vinicius connects and Bale keeps looking for | sports

Less than a month after reaching his first title in the league, Vinicius Júnior has established a fruitful network of complicities. Everyone who passes through the left area of ​​the Madrid attack finds him willing to give an answer. Memory is understood with Marcelo, combines fantasy passes with Benzema and reads the intentions of Ceballos out of the corner of his eye. At the edge of half an hour of the game against Alavés, He calibrated two holes: the distance between Vigaray's legs and the space through which Reguilón would cross, which had been turning inside him. His delivery made a pipe, broke the resistance of the rival back, and gave Reguilón time and space to reach the bottom line and the center. Benzema, who threatened the first stick and cheated the central, put the 1-0.

"It is our best moment of the season and we will continue working to keep us at this level until the end," said the carioca at the end of the day that is the prelude to the trip to Camp Nou and Wanda. "Now we have to work to beat Barça. I play in Madrid, in the best team in the world. I do not fear anything. "

The party of the first goal barely warmed a rather cold night. The Bernabéu does not leave its state of hibernation. The team's game improves, but the crowd of fans remains reluctant to buy tickets or use the season tickets. Only the quadrant of the lower tier of the south pool, redoubt of the officially known as Animation Grade, fills up regularly and maintains the pulse of the ambient sound. Impeccable, ordered in a row and dressed in rigorous white as the Covadonga school, were snatched when Jaime Latre, the referee, whistled Benzema offside in a counter thrown by Ceballos. "Even the eggs! We are up to the eggs! "They sang, furious. The match was 1-0. But the bad mood took root.

The liturgical passion was redoubled around two themes: Benzema and the arbitration college. The idol revealed for the first time after a decade of penance and the villains of the federal administration of justice, who now come armed with indecipherable instruments. Alpha and omega of the lyrical and spiritual universe of the most predictable parishioners of Chamartín. Issues such as Vinicius' performance deserved less enthusiasm until the weight of the evidence forced him to pay attention.

Vinicius put the 2-0 to close the game after more than an hour of work of pick and shovel against the wall of Pacheco. It was in a backlash articulated by Vinicius himself, who topped the net his first goal in the League. With only 18 years, he becomes one of the five youngest players to score in the championship with the white shirt. When Solari replaced him in the 86th minute and the light sign indicated the number 28, the audience began to chant his name from all four sides. The footballer who entered his place carried the burden of humiliation. It was about Isco, who in three months has gone from being the spoiled child of the parish to passing unnoticed. People want news

Another that increasingly calls the attention of the fans is Bale. If Vinicius has engaged in the team's machinery after only three months, Bale is still looking after six years of fatigue. On the way to turning 31, the one who was the most expensive player in history does not know if he will play on the left or on the right, considering his irregular performance and the formulas that have given the team consistency under the direction of Solari.

The Welshman returned to the starting line after a month's absence after suffering the 13th muscle injury in Spain. First, he occupied the right band – as he likes – leaving Vinicius to the left. After the interval, he moved to the left – as the president likes – and Vinicius played on the right. For a moment, it seemed that Solari was giving him a little rope, to see if it would finally fit. "Bale has found himself more comfortable on the left," Solari said, to justify the change of the Welshman. Then, the technician praised the Brazilian. "Today Vinicius has made a great game. He is responding very well when he plays, when he enters from the bench and in training. "

Florentino Perez said after the Kiev final that Gareth Bale is misunderstood. It does not seem a questionable sentence. Nor does it seem refutable that Vinicius is already understood.

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