August 5, 2021

Vince Gilligan: "Series marathons are overwhelming, too much information for my brain" | TV

Vince Gilligan: "Series marathons are overwhelming, too much information for my brain" | TV

Against the idea of showrunner -Writer, executive producer and maximum responsible for a series- as a man of difficult treatment, the creator of one of the most recognized series in the history of television is a friendly and close type. They say that in the writers' rooms commanded by Vince Gilligan (Richmond, Virginia, 51 years old) happiness reigns, and that the universe of Breaking Bad and the one Better Call Saul, the story derived from the first that now broadcasts its fourth season on Movistar +, is one of the darkest on the television scene. Five years after the spectators saw the end of the descent to hell of Walter White, Gilligan was the star of the fifth edition of the Serialized Fest of Barcelona last weekend and gave a master class in Madrid thanks to the writers union ALMA .

Question. Between Breaking Bad Y Better Call Saul He has been working in the same universe for more than 10 years. Do not you get bored with it?

Answer. If I had gotten tired I would have stopped writing about it. They are infinitely interesting characters for me and for Peter Gould, my partner in charge of Better Call Saul. Continue with these characters and this universe is fascinating. The moment you start to get bored, we will stop writing about this world.

P. Better Call Saul It was going to be initially a comedy. How has the drama that it is today become?

R. Peter Gould assumed it would be a comedy, but then the series began to take life and began to speak for itself. Jimmy McGill's character started talking to us and telling us that he was a sadder character than we thought he was. He was a character that smiles on the outside, but inside he was damaged and sad. In fact, the poster of the fourth season is a very dark image of Jimmy McGill with the sad gesture and holding a mask of a smiling face. We saw that he was a character with a lot of darkness inside him. We had not realized when we started writing it. As the seasons have passed, the series has become less fun, just as it happened with Breaking Bad, It is interesting, we had never set out to make an increasingly dark series, but that is what happened at the end.

P. Do you see the end of Better Call Saul? Do you know what that ending will be like?

R. Not exactly, we do not know where we normally go. Something similar happened to us Breaking Bad. We know it's time to start thinking about the end of Better Call Saul, and if I had to bet, I'd say we'll have a fifth season, because Peter [Gould] and the writers are now working in California on the scripts for the fifth season. And I think we could have another season after that, or I hope so. If we reach six, we will have the same number of episodes as Breaking BadI think it's a good amount of time to tell a story. It would be time to start thinking about how to close the story, but I suspect that, as happened with Breaking Bad, Peter and the writers do not know exactly how it will close. It's good to think in advance about where the story is going, but a better way to write television is to be open to possibilities and changes in plans, and be more flexible with the narrative. That flexibility brings uncertainty about the future. But the future will take care of it, the argument of Better Call Saul will take care of it.

P. After the end of Better Call SaulAre you ready to say goodbye to the universe of Breaking Bad?

R. I'll be close, but there's an old expression that says never say never. It is possible that there is still more to tell. I'm not 100% sure yet, but there may still be something more to explore from the universe of Breaking Bad. Not a complete story, but maybe a bit [en español]. I want to move on to other stories that have nothing to do with Breaking Bad, I have resisted for too long and I need to tell new stories, I want to try new things as a scriptwriter, to experiment. But it is a very interesting universe that I have always liked a lot and when I finish I will miss it very much.

P. As a creator, do you prefer that the series be available to viewers with the whole season at the same time, as platforms usually do, or the traditional release week by week?

R. I like that people see my series, without more. I do not care how they choose to do it, I just like that people see it and pay attention. Having said that, personally, I am very classic and I do not mind seeing only one episode of a series and having to wait a week to have another. It's the way I grew up. For me, the marathon is overwhelming, it's too much information for my brain and it saturates me. It's like eating a fried potato, which is very good and I really like it, in front of zamparte an entire bag of potatoes until you feel sick. I think series marathons are not for me, but I do not judge people who do it because, in fact, the technology that allows marathons helped to make Breaking Bad a success and that it was known all over the world. So I like that technology a lot even though I do not use it myself.


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