Viñales changes the number to win Marquez

Viñales changes the number to win Marquez

The list of riders registered for 2019 in MotoGP had a little surprise. Viñales appears with number 12 and not with the 25 that has characterized him in recent seasons. The new number responds to his birth day, but also to a return to the past and, at the same time, to forget the hard last year and a half he has lived. "I had been with this idea for a while, but the opportunity had not been given. It's about erasing the previous thing, doing 'reset' in terms of mentality and changing luck. The next one is going to be a new year, with a new engine, a new mechanic chief and a new number. I hope he is as successful as he was as a child, "Maverick explained, referring to 2002, when he beat Marc in a promotion cup.

"I live the present, not the past"

With the 12 he started with the motorcycles when he was very young and "with that number I won my best rivals", he added, referring to his childhood struggles with Márquez. Marc does not remember very well if he won or not then, but he reminds him that this is MotoGP and that these questions of superstition do not affect him too much. "There are pilots who psychologically need stability or motivation, are more insecure and need these things, they are superstitious. I know that the number does not make you win a championship, it's the work of a whole team, "Marc answered harshly." For me it does not mean anything, if changing the number you win, I'll change it. I do not remember those small races, I think I did not do the whole championship, he will know better, but I live in the present and not the past, "he closed.

Lorenzo, in his day, passed to 99 and in his opinion the reasons why a pilot does this can be endless. "I had the 48 in honor of my former manager, with whom I broke relations, so I went to 99," he explained without giving much importance to the change of Maverick, Moto3 world champion with the 25, on the other hand, and willing to win another title with 12 in the fairing, as when he beat Márquez.


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