Villarejo requests that the information on the punctures on BBVA be declassified

Villarejo requests that the information on the punctures on BBVA be declassified


The ex-commissioner José Villarejo will request that the Government, through the Council of Ministers, declassify the information regarding the wiretapping that he made to politicians, businessmen and journalists for the BBVA, about which he has not been able to testify today before the National High Court.

As explained to the media his lawyer, Antonio José García Cabrera, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office "has prevented giving concrete information" about the so-called Trap operation, ninth piece of the Tandem case that investigates the activities of the ex-police, affecting matters of general interest "for Spaniards, protected by the Official Secrets Law.

The case of BBVA is not only a "provisional private order", but behind there are strategic interests related to the State, Villarejo's lawyer assured, who had initially been summoned by Judge Manuel García Castellón only for the Kitchen operation, designed from Interior in 2013 to subtract documents from Luis Bárcenas at the hands of his driver.

As acknowledged since November, BBVA hired the services of the Cenyt Group, a company owned by the former commissioner, among other reasons to prevent the construction company Sacyr from taking control of the bank in 2004.

In this way, he would have accessed more than 15,000 telephone conversations with senior officials of the then government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, as well as politicians and even directors of the entity itself.

In particular, the punctures reveal the close power relations between the Socialist Executive and Banco Santander of Emilio Botín, BBVA's main rival, as well as maneuvers to ensure that Sacyr gained a presence in the Board of Directors and promoted the downfall of Francisco González.

It is precisely the latter, which despite the controversy continues as the president of honor of the bank, one of the people who most commit these events.

However, Villarejo's lawyer has referred to the entity as an "occasional actor" who "may even be unaware of the social, economic and political significance" of the operation that would actually affect the secret information.


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