June 19, 2021

Villarejo asked the former head of Security at Iberdrola to speak with Sánchez Galán to charge more




The Internal Affairs Unit has just presented at the National Court a report on nine unpublished audios by Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo with the former head of Iberdrola Security, Antonio Asenjo, in which the first assumes that the president of the company, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, was aware of the orders that he had been doing for the company. He asked Asenjo to speak with him to raise the budget.

It was September 2004, Villarejo had placed an order for Iberdrola, the Arrow project, for a thermal power plant in Arcos de la Frontera, and although he was satisfied with the result, he told his interlocutor that there was a “little bit” of money. They were already trying the next step, but the commissioner with his sights set on the amount.

«And the other thing, well boy tell me … I’m in your hands. In truth, I have looked with all the detail, with all the possibilities and I do not know how to give a job that is not of certain quality airs. So if I want to turn this guy upside down, put him in his underpants to that the boss, Don Ignacio, then decide what he has to decide on his own, You have to invest a little bit (…) What did I expect, man, from the budget? », commented the commissioner.

Asenjo replied that “He (for the aforementioned Ignacio) does not look at the economic issue”, that this is something of “other people”, but the commissioner insisted: “Ah, well, well. Po ‘talk about it with him.

Throughout the conversation, the commissioner insists that in his work he is not “as strict as the Yankees” who put “the meter in their eggs” and that for that reason, in the Arrow project he had introduced questions that were not ” contemplated ”in the order. In his opinion, it would be different for Asenjo to blame that in his face and go there where he wanted to sneak up on the budget, but that was not the case. «I’m really going to adjust you, man, leave me ten or fifteen percent for me, man, I have to make a living from something Damn! ”He added. “I am not the owner of the money,” settled Asenjo.

The recording lasts two hours and forty minutes and ends with a farewell and a new reminder from the commissioner to the then head of Security at Iberdola: “He asks you to talk to Ignacio”, summarizes the police report in relation to Sánchez Galán. In total, Iberdrola paid just over 1.1 million euros to the commissioner’s companies for projects that were staggered over more than a decade.

“The gentleman did not show much interest”

It is not the only reference. Throughout the summary, it is appreciated that Villarejo referred to Sánchez Galán as “the gentleman”, an expression that also comes up in these new conversations transcribed by Internal Affairs. This is the case of a chat of just over nine minutes recorded in July 2006 and that it presents transcription problems because, as Internal Affairs says, Asenjo “is not well understood” and sometimes, “nothing is heard.”

The then head of Iberdrola Security tells the commissioner that he has spoken with a person from Unicaja named Braulio. «Villarejo laughs and He tells him to remember that the ‘young man’ did not show much interest when he was given that information that only they (»young man« and third parties) should know, since they were together, and that he thinks that this was one of the things that his boss would have to think about who had said that information “The report says. At this point, the commissioner thanks him and “He tells her that he is flattered that the decision was made thanks to his report.”

It should be remembered that one of the lines of investigation that works in the summary has to do with checks with which the businessmen of the Iberdrola Advisory Council in Andalusia were paid for their assistance, constituted in November 2004 and presided over at that time Braulio Medel, in turn president of Unicaja.

The documentation was made available to a notary by whom José Antonio del Olmo was the director responsible for Corporate Functions of Iberdrola, together with a letter in which he stated that he had been required to authorize payments that did not comply with the regulations of the company. All that documentation is in the National Court.

There is a third more reference, although this time, completely veiled, to the person who would be supervising what Villarejo was doing for Iberdrola. In another of the transcribed audios, from July 2005, Villarejo asks Antonio Asenjo “if they have made any comments about the work, if they liked it or have they commented on something”.

He denies it and the commissioner asks him for his personal opinion. “Antonio replies that the opinion has to be given by him (third person) and he defines himself as an intermediary”, reads the report. The question is who, since Asenjo, charged with bribery and revealing secrets in this separate piece of the Villarejo macrocause, had a direct boss who has not yet been called to testify.

At this point in the conversation, and also speaking of a third person without citing the name, Villarejo adds “that the profitability will be given by him and that the profitability of the information is in its use ».

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