Villar de Corneja (Ávila) advances 2019 so that their elders do not go out late

Villar de Corneja (Ávila) advances 2019 so that their elders do not go out late

The small town of Villar de Corneja in Avila (37 inhabitants) has fulfilled today the tradition of receiving the new year, although, unlike the rest of Spain, it has done it twelve hours before to make its neighbors of advanced age do not have to stay up late.

Therefore, this municipality located near the border with the province of Salamanca, has complied with that other tradition launched in 2004 by its mayor, Carmen Hernandez, to take the grapes at 12.00 noon in front of the City Hall clock.

A watch that this year has been fixed, although not entirely, since the chimes have sounded somewhat late, under the direction of the councilor who, microphone in hand, has directed the culminating moment, while the approximately seventy people who have When they came, the grapes were being eaten before the Consistory.

"Happy year!", Has been the most listened to phrase once the grapes that this year, unlike the previous one, have been left over, since Hernández has healed in health, acquiring 140 sachets among the attendees of several points of the Corneja, including a Dutchman.

While the carols sounded, the mayor has been attending the media until, five minutes before the appointed time, a microphone has been taken out of the pocket to be ordering neighbors and visitors, with the aim of posing before the Consistory after picking the grapes.

Two of them were dressed in the green shirt of "No to the mine in the Corneja Valley", while the rest have placed on their heads the classic Christmas hats and hats, before toast with cider and taste the delicious meats of this area of ​​the province of Ávila.

This year the number of participants has been similar to that of a year ago, although the situation of this small town has changed, since since then four people have died, which has left the population in 37 inhabitants, of which only thirteen They live habitually.

"Four deceased, for such a small town is noticeable," the mayor acknowledged, before noting that the average age of Villar de Corneja neighbors is 82 years, hence the initiative to organize the end of the year bells at noon.

"People are very old and can not come at 0.00 hours because it is very cold and we do not have a meeting center", he has argued to explain the origin of something that has already become a tradition that Carmen Hernández intends to continue maintaining " until no one is left in the village. "

Among his wishes for 2019, "health and work", in addition to continuing to fight so that Villar de Corneja remains a town and does not become an annex of the nearby towns of La Horcajada or Santa María del Berrocal.

Of the institutions, the mayor regrets that "they promise a lot and do not give anything", since "they only remember the people when the elections arrive".


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