Villalobos refuses to reconvene the Pact of Toledo if there are no visions of agreement | Economy

Villalobos refuses to reconvene the Pact of Toledo if there are no visions of agreement | Economy

The president of Pact of Toledo, Celia Villalobos, has rejected on Wednesday to make a call for the full of this commission, which discusses the recommendations on pensions, "if there is a document that represents the position of 90% of all groups." These words make it difficult to hold a new session of the Toledo Pact, the debate that has been going on for more than three years and that after the meeting on Tuesday jumped into the air. Without that new meeting in extremis, the end of the legislature with a text of recommendations for a future pension reform will not be feasible.

At the meeting of the spokespersons of the Toledo Pact on Tuesday, it was found impossible to reach this broad consensus text. The announcement of Podemos that they were going to present more than the three particular votes that they had announced months ago, many more, provoked an outbreak in tromba against the purple formation of all the other political groups.

"We can meet, but with what document? What document did I have as president to debate it and be able to vote?" Villalobos asked himself this Wednesday, in front of media questions. He has charged against the position of Podemos, who came with the intention of changing everything that was already more or less agreed. If the spokespersons want to debate, but there are no signs of reaching agreements, he has indicated, "that they go to the television and mount a debate".

Already in the afternoon yesterday, the PSOE, PNV, PDeCAT and Compromís filed a petition to convene a full commission. But the composition of the table makes this call difficult. PP and Citizens have the majority and it is difficult that in the current political climate these formations give this ace to the Socialists.

The electoral convocation complicates everything

The PSOE, PNV, PDeCAT and Compromis, before the proximity of the positions and the imminence of the elections wanted to accelerate the work to conclude the legislature with a pact. The PP and Citizens thought they needed more time, but they admitted proximity. In this scenario, the position of Podemos broke, in the words of others, the possibility of an agreement. Now we will have to wait for the next legislature and see if there is political will to pick up the talks at the point where they are after almost three years of talks or start from scratch.

This Tuesday Diaz defended his position, saying that under the Pact of Toledo pension cuts have been made and that Gaspar Llamazares rejected the delay of the retirement age in 2011, in the previous edition of the Pact.

For its part, the Socialist spokeswoman, Mercè Perea, attacked the formation of Pablo Iglesias saying that they had reissued "the pinch of Anguita". The PSOE, as PNV, PDeCAT and Compromís, defend that the maximalist position of Podemos facilitates the PP speech, which admits a "pre-agreement" in pensions, but then points out that a full definitive agreement is not yet mature.


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