Villacís rules out that Ayuso was spied on with funds from the City Council but does not know if it was done by other means

The deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, stated this Friday before the investigation commission on the alleged espionage of the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, that although "it has been proven that the alleged espionage has not been paid for with public funds", What remains to be known is whether there was really an attempt to carry out this espionage from the City Council itself by some other means, something that in his opinion has not yet been made clear. Today's was the tenth and penultimate session of the commission, whose work will end next Monday with the declarations, among others, of the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the general coordinator of the mayor's office, Ángel Carromero, although the latter You haven't confirmed your attendance yet.

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During her statement, the leader of Ciudadanos has reiterated on several occasions that with the information available so far it is true that "a contract has not been paid or formalized with public money", but she added: "If Mrs. Ayuso, I don't know." Villacís has even assured that she “today” cannot affirm “that the good name of the Madrid City Council has been cleared” because there are many doubts to be cleared up and, in addition, “there are many appearing parties who have not wanted to come to testify” and that they could contribute important things about this case. Among them, Ayuso herself, who has regretted that she has refused to attend. In any case, she believes that "we have to wait for all the appearances to end" and see "what the conclusions are."

As she said at the beginning of her statement, she found out about this scandal through "an alert" that reached her mobile on February 17, when the information had just been published in the media. The mayor calls her that same afternoon to explain what has happened, but she tells him that it is all “a rumour”. However, the alderman, who knew about these espionage attempts since last November, did not share that information with her, despite being her partner in her government. In Villacís's opinion, Almeida does not inform him of these espionage attempts "because the Government has not done it, but a party that is part of the Government."

“The mayor did not explain anything to me beforehand,” Villacís acknowledged, and Almeida insists that it was “just a rumour”, as he has continued to maintain. "But a rumor that gives rise to an investigation then ceases to be a rumor and becomes fact," the deputy mayor has sentenced. In case there were doubts, he insisted later: "All this started as a rumour" but then "it became a reality", as he believes has been proven after learning from the media that there were calls and specific meetings with the in order to carry out this espionage.

The deputy mayor has said that she does not know if there is such an internal report that the mayor said he had ordered the EMVS to carry out. "I certainly have not seen it," she has said. She then acknowledged that she felt "very disappointed" with everything and for not having been informed, but even so, she continues to have a "good relationship" with Almeida.

"If we detect something, of course we would have gone to the Prosecutor's Office," he stated, but later made it clear that his party is not going to advance events or take any initiative until the conclusions of the commission's work are known. “We are not going to purge anyone. To date, there is neither one defendant nor one under investigation, ”he warned. But if that scenario is reached later, Villacís has advanced that they will demand the "responsibilities" that derive from the case. "We're going to wait. Everything has its process ”, he has settled.

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