July 2, 2020

Villacís “regrets” having gone to the 8M demonstration

The Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, has stated this Thursday that “with the data that is becoming known” now in relation to the advance of the coronavirus, she “regrets” having attended the demonstration called for Women’s Day on 8 March, whose authorization, he stressed, was not the responsibility of the City Council.

To a question from the journalists at the press conference after the Governing Board, the deputy mayor has argued her presence at the 8M demonstration because “she knew the same data as the rest of the women” who demonstrated that Sunday, and by the “active promotion” by the central government, with “ministers at the head.”

“Knowing everything we know now and the data that may have been known (at that time), the truth is that I regret it, I regret it a lot, and I regret it for the people who could accompany me or be there. I think my decision thought that I was correct with the data I knew, but today with everyone who knows each other, I think it was not correct, “he said.

The mayor of Citizens has stressed that the Madrid City Council had “no competence” to authorize or disavow the march, but was a decision of the Government Delegation.

“I, as vice mayor, could not have done anything to avoid it,” he added in the appearance retransmitted in ‘streaming’ in which he was accompanied by the municipal spokeswoman, Inmaculada Sanz.

A judge in Madrid has opened preliminary proceedings as a result of a complaint against the Government delegate in the Madrid Community, José Manuel Franco, presented by an individual for having allowed mass gatherings between the past days 5 and 14, such as those of March 8 despite the spread of the virus.


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