July 7, 2020

Villacís cries out against “LGBTI harassment” of Cs in an institutional act of Pride

The Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, has claimed against the “LGBTI harassment” that Cs suffered at the Pride demonstration last year during the Pride institutional act held by the Madrid City Council, in which activists have disfigured the absence of the rainbow flag at the Palacio de Cibeles.

The COGAM vice president, Jesús Grande, has contested that the flag has not been placed and said that they expected more courage from the Consistory, in an event held in the gardens of Cecilio Rodríguez that Vox has not attended and in which the City Council has been represented by the Deputy Mayor.

“Now that we are talking about bravery (…) I would have liked to see more comrades in battle defending ourselves, sincerely,” he pointed out about the incident that occurred in 2019, which Villacís has claimed that “it cannot be repeated” because Madrid ” it’s not a city that hurts. “

Villacís has defended that if there is no flag it is because “there is a sentence that prevents it”, that of the Supreme Court, and “for that reason it is being taken down in the municipalities.”

“The flag of freedom can never be limited by the flag of sectarianism. If we all fit in Pride, we all fit. No one has the right to harass, because no one deserves to be punished for being the way they think or for belonging to a certain party”, Villacís has also affirmed.

In addition, the deputy mayor has stressed that Madrid represented “leaving the closet” for the LGTBI collective, but has admitted that to this day LGTBIphobia continues to exist, harassment in the classroom and real equality has not been achieved. “Defending rights has nothing to do with the size of the flags,” she added.

In addition, Villacís has claimed that “trans women are not second-class women” and that “the children of surrogacy are not second-class children either.”

Asked by the journalists about the flag that the Madrid vice president Ignacio Aguado has placed at the headquarters of the Vice Presidency on Calle Pontejos, Villacís explained that the City Council made a consultation with the legal services, which in a technical opinion said that it was not they could fly flags.

“What we have done is be creative and place flags hanging from street lamps, it has been our way of circumventing the ban,” he added.


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