March 5, 2021

Vilaflor, Adeje and the coast of Güímar register a new swarm of 30 earthquakes – La Provincia

A new swarm of small earthquakes (the most powerful reached a 2.2 on the Ritcher scale) was detected by the National Geographic Institute (IGN) and the Canarian Volcanological Institute (Involcan) at dawn yesterday in various areas of Tenerife. Specifically, there were 25 volcanic tremors on land with epicenters in the east of Vilaflor and the northeast of Adeje, as well as another 5 in the sea of ​​tectonic type off the coast of Güímar, Arico and Candelaria, although closer to the Puertito de Güímar.

As reported by the IGN, the population did not feel any of the 30 tremors detected in the last hours by their instruments. Of the 25 on land, the most powerful reached a magnitude of 2.2 on the Richter scale and depths of 5 to 11 kilometers.

The Institute worked yesterday to make clear that this new swarm on land is located in an area with special microseismic activity, detected regularly in recent months but without any risk to the population.

"Normality parameters"

According to the press release of the IGN, it is an activity that goes into "the parameters of normality in active volcanic zones, such as the island of Tenerife".

In the case of these 25 earthquakes in Adeje and Vilaflor, the devices registered them between 02:04 and 04:04 hours of yesterday morning. The Institute also explained yesterday that, since last Saturday at 03:30 hours and until 01:32 on Tuesday, 28 earthquakes were located southeast of the Puertito de Güímar with magnitudes of 0.6 to 2.9 and depths between 17 and 31 kilometers, tremors that have not been felt by the population either. Five of them also occurred early yesterday.

It is the same area, according to the IGN, in which there was a similar activity at the beginning of June, with 20 earthquakes, and which tends to accommodate this type of phenomenon because between Gran Canaria and Tenerife the region with the most activity is located seismic in the Canary Islands. Hence, the institute concludes that it is still "compatible with the existing fund activity between the two islands."

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