Vigo raises its bet: 11 million led lights at Christmas

Vigo raises its bet: eleven million led lights at Christmas

Vigo raises its bet: eleven million led lights at Christmas

The mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, has upped its bid by offering "the best Christmas in the world" and this year the city will be illuminated by 11 million led lights, a million more than Christmas last year.

This was revealed this Wednesday by the councilor during an act in the center of the city with which he has begun the installation of the lighting of more than 350 streets and a thousand trees, compared to the 450 of the 2020 festivals.

They are not the only novelties, since this year Vigo will have a ski slope, which joins the two ice skating that the inhabitants of the city and its visitors already enjoyed last year, has advanced.

"Those who go to winter resorts can come to Vigo and have a snow ramp to ski next to the hotel", said Caballero.

Again, the city will feature "the tallest tree in the world" and with him "tallest snowman in the world", which will rise three meters more than the previous year.

Other attractions, such as giant ferris wheel, the great flea market, the giant gift box or the big Christmas ball They repeat, but Caballero has announced more news that he will reveal over the months until the lights are turned on, the date of which is still unknown.

For all this enlightenment a little less than one million euros will come out of the municipal coffers, a "ridiculous budget compared to other cities", according to the mayor, who has advanced that the City Council will design a computer application so that no one misses any of the illuminated streets, which will be the majority.

"Vigo is from another galaxy"

"I want to invite everyone to come to Vigo: whoever wants to go to heaven has to come to Christmas in Vigo, this is 'inescapable'; an axiomatic principle that is part of the unanswerable, "he said.

The mayor has stressed that the lighting of Vigo is respectful with the environment thanks to the led lights, all of which, lit during November, December and January, consume less than the lighting of a soccer field in the month of January.

Caballero has challenged those present to tell him a single city in Spain that is not illuminated for Christmas, a merit that corresponds to the Vigo Christmas pull, city ​​that, according to its mayor, is "in another dimension, in another galaxy."

The city of New York (United States) has returned to occupy a good part of the councilor's speech: "I am sure that New York learns a lot from Vigo, although it is difficult for them to confess that the first city in the world learns from the second, which is Vigo," he emphasized in its hyperbolic tone.

Regarding the possibility that the pandemic ruin the party, as it partially did last year, Caballero has once again expressed his confidence that the rate of vaccination will advance to the point where "At Christmas all the population that wants to be vaccinated" it is, so that a normal situation can be lived, he has opined.


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