Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

Vigilantes of El Prat and Trablisa do not plan to meet after six days of strike

The indefinite strike of the security guards of El Prat meets its sixth day on Wednesday without Trablisa or the strike committee planning to meet to try to reach an agreement that calls for stoppages.

Trablisa sources have explained to Efe that, although they have "informal contacts" with the committee, they have not proposed a meeting because, according to the company, the strike is "illegal and abusive" and the company complies with the provisions of the agreement and the 2017 award.

From the Ministry of Labor of the Generalitat they have also confirmed that this week they do not foresee the convening of a new mediation meeting, with which the negotiations to end the strike are in neutral.

For its part, the strike committee, which in statements to Efe has denied that the company maintains contacts with them, filed a complaint against Trablisa and Aena in the courts of El Prat de Llobregat yesterday for allegedly violating their right to strike and have requested that the recordings of the security cameras be reviewed.

Just yesterday, the committee also filed a complaint with the Labor Inspection against Trablisa, which he accuses of "dodging" for bringing employees from other airports to work during the strike days at the Barcelona airport.

Aena sources have explained that the sixth day of an indefinite strike in El Prat is taking place without incident and with queues of an average of 15 minutes, except for some rebound due to the influx of travelers that usually occurs during the summer periods.

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