Viera at eleven and Vitolo, summoned

Viera and Vitolo, weeks ago during the preseason. / c7

It's already clear for the two great stars of UD. The captain reappeared with good feelings and the international on loan from Atlético points to the list for Sunday's game in Santander

Ignacio S. Acedo

Jonathan Viera will start on Sunday after his reappearancewith half an hour against Leganés, and have enough days left to outline his set-up for the visit to Racing de Santander (Sunday, 5:30 p.m.).
With Vitolo, the other great star of the team, there is more cautionalthough it slips that of maintaining the rhythm of work acquired last week, and that allowed him to exercise with total normality together with the rest of the group,
your chances of being summoned win integers and are taken for granted.

In a UD that is still installed at the top of the table and projecting expectationsthe current situation of the two footballers with the largest poster and cache begins to clarify, after both have started the course in the infirmary and, already in mid-September, they have barely had an impact on the group due to their respective injuries.
Undoubtedly, performance at the height of their figures is expected from both of them and García Pimienta considers them strategic for experience, quality and commitment when leading a project that wants to land in the First Division.

The Catalan coach is the first who wants to have both in full condition and his cautious messages have been reiterative and warning of the need not to take physical risks with either.
In the case of Vitolo, he has gone further and directly requested "not to put more pressure" on the attacker, still unpublished despite the fact that he joined the team in mid-July and was able to carry out the preseason under the supervision of the coaching staff. The arthroscopy to which he underwent in Madrid at the end of June clearly explains the delay in his staging, despite the fact that on the first day, against Zaragoza, he was summoned in a gesture more thought out on a mental level than a competitive one, as it was shown by not appearing on the field of play.

special motivation

They say that Vitolo, in addition to his discomfort, has had to fight against anxiety.
He is very aware of the fiasco of his last stage at UD, in the initial stretch of the 2017-18 campaign, and that it was ruined by injuries. She does not want to go through the same thing and has given up money and options in the elite to vindicate herself at home. Like Jonathan, on his way to 33 years old, he is no longer one for slips and has bet everything on the shirt of his life and that promotion with which he has always dreamed
("I would be the happiest man in the world if I succeeded," he revealed weeks ago).

Vitolo, on loan until June from Atlético de Madrid, is still waiting for him, although the evidence of his progress shows the light at the end of the tunnel and stops right now. He is the first who wants to get on the plane to Santander and from tomorrow he hopes to confirm that the pain and fear are already behind him.


As far as Viera is concerned, everything is sharper. After his injury after his league debut, the plan to follow has worked, protecting him from possible relapses, given the treacherous nature of his muscular problems. He could have been a starter against Leganés but Pimienta wanted to provide him with a progressive entry with thirty minutes of filming so that he would not suffer from his forced break.
The captain's feelings were positive and now it's time to make room for him among the chosen ones. In the words of his coach, he is "the best player in the category", which does not even give rise to debates. If he is there to play, as he is, the bracelet is his.

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