Viera and Valles in their pluperfect versions

Viera, celebrating his goal against Mirandés and which meant three golden points in UD's aspirations. / cover

Jonathan's goals and Valles' saves are the perfect vitamin to continue dreaming of promotion to First Division

In this UD launched to promotion promotion, options still intact with three days to go before the end of the regular calendar, two major figures have emerged and are supporting the team in the fight. It is true that the choral level of the team has risen many points, an aspect that has been in charge of enhancing
García Pimienta, capable of supplying notable casualties such as Sadiku, Mfulu or Coco without the collective operation suffering. But
the double V made up of Valles and Viera, each one becoming a giant in their area, has been uncovered as the differential element in the stretch of the season in which successes and errors have capital importance. And, happily for UD, one and the other, in pluperfect versions, have taken command in a resounding way and have a direct impact on what they feed, which are the points.

What happened on Friday against Mirandés, with Viera scoring a flag goal and Valles lifting the stands by saving a penalty, actions that shaped the final 1-0, is not something episodic.
Both have been making a difference for several days and coinciding with the resurgence of Las Palmaswhich accumulates eight days without losing, with a balance of six wins and two draws.

What happened to Viera is not news due to his gift of turning the extraordinary into routine. His performance and leadership has never been up for debate and he naturally takes all the pressure. He came back for this and is still there, determined to captain his team again in the best courses in Spain.
He has eleven goals and has seen the door, consecutively, in the last three days and with successes of direct importance: a tie in Ibiza with his target (1-1), the one that opened the account in the victory against Malaga (2- 1) and zambombazo to destroy the locks of Mirandés in the 1-0 final. Impossible to ask more of a footballer in whom there is no presentation and who has a sharp fang to prolong his brutal impact on what is to come, Alcorcón, Oviedo and Sporting, mostly.

Valles, the other great name of this UD, has had a more gradual growth. Until the end of February he was unprecedented in the League and his only appearances in the course were limited to two Copa del Rey matches.
García Pimienta gave it a reel and, since then, it has not stopped expanding until reaching a lofty point in its performance. It comes from saving a penalty, but it is that against Malaga, a week before, he made a prodigious intervention, with Roberto's point-blank shot avoiding the tie and without reaction time and, in the previous double start, Ibiza and Eibar, he also came out in the photo with equally saving stops.

Doubts arose when Raúl's replacement was estimated for the benefit of the Andalusian because, it is fair to say, the meta raised in Lezama had been up to the task. But the passing of the weeks has proved the coaching staff right with a change, that of the goal, which always generates controversy.

The fact is that Jonathan and Álvaro, Viera and Valles, have strongly grasped the flag of hope to lead the rest and feed a dream that, weeks ago, seemed utopian. Based on goals and stops, utopia is no longer so.

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