Vienna will give its citizens bonuses of up to 50 euros to consume in bars and restaurants



The City of Vienna will give away bonuses of up to 50 euros to each home in the Austrian capital, redeemable in restaurants and other gastronomic venues, like coffee shops.

In this way, the regional government of Vienna, made up of social democrats and environmentalists, wants to support the city's gastronomic sector, badly hit by restrictions against the coronavirus pandemic.

The vouchers will be sent in mid-June to the 950,000 capital households, with 25 euros for people living alone and 50 euros for couples and families with children.

The vouchers may be exchanged until the end of September for food and non-alcoholic beverages in all the establishments that participate in this public initiative.

The Vienna City Council, a city with about 1.7 million inhabitants, will invest 40 million euros ($ 43.4 million) in these grants for the gastronomic sector.

Starting Friday, May 15, Austria allows the opening of restaurants and cafes after two months of closure due to the pandemic.

To do this, establishments must meet a series of sanitary requirements, including sufficient distance between tables and the obligation for staff to wear face masks.

Despite the opening, the Austrian gastronomic sector fears a drop in its turnover of between 40 and 50% this year, not only due to the restrictions that limit the number of customers after the reopening but also due to the absence of tourists.

Last year Vienna registered some 17 million tourist overnight stays, a number that this year will not be able to reach due to the temporary closure of borders decreed by the countries of the European Union due to the pandemic.


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