June 15, 2021


When you decide to buy a product with the distinctive Made in the Canary Islands you are investing in our people and in our land. You invest in our people because you help sustain industrial employment and help create indirect employment in the rest of the economic sectors. You invest in our land because our industry will be more competitive and will generate more economic activity in the Canary Islands. When you buy Elaborate Here, it comes back to you.

I've been working for 42 years inCanary Stained Glass, since 1977, when the production plant was not yet built. We worked in offices in the capital, on Arena Street.

In April 1978, the manufacturing activity began and the administrative staff moved to the factory in Telde, where I started working in the accounting department to date.

At that time I was the youngest of the company, I am currently the oldest in it. For a long time, there were only three women who worked in Vicsa, however, in the commitment to equality, currently more than fifteen members of the workforce, an aspect of which I am proud.

For many years, we moved to the factory in the transport of companies, of this I highlight the good moments shared with my colleagues, the union and the effort made by all, as well as the illusion of working on a daily improvement.

VICSA is committed to the continuous training of workers and encourages the involvement and motivation of the team by organizing family events, and other activities that allow participation and interaction.

It is a pride for me to belong to Vidrieras Canarias SA, a leading company in the Canary Islands, always in continuous process of innovation and renovation both at an industrial and administrative level, committed to safety and recycling of glass, betting on the continuous training of its workers in a social environment where people, laws and the environment are respected.

Without a doubt, I am glad to have opted for this company that is not only a benchmark in the Canarian market as an industry, but also values ​​and cares about the human factor.


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