Video: Zahara: "Empec 'Today the beast dines at home' when I returned to win the PP" - La Provincia

Video: Zahara: "Empec 'Today the beast dines at home' when I returned to win the PP" - La Provincia

His more affable side contrasts with the melancholy and sadness of his songs, and it is that tear to the open chest that has led him to conform as one of the leading artists in the indie pop scene. Zahara (Úbeda, 1983) he lived the "cannibalism" of the record companies in his beginnings, a short trip with final in his own record label -with which he elaborated 'Santa'- and the perfect way to get out of the lethargy of the commercial and shine with his own light.

Now, it comes back three years after a technical stop, a baby and a book, 'Work, floor, couple', to offer to the public 'Astronatua', a journey through new planets and parallel universes elaborated with his usual mime and with three 'singles' already published. 'Today the beast dines at home', the first of them, has already put Ubeda at the center of all eyes.

'Today the beast dines at home' has been a success, what has been the equation?

Part of the impact had to do with not announcing it. It had more repercussion because caught people by surprise and the followers shared it with enthusiasm. Also the fact that the song had a social theme made it not only reach the fans, but also the press. I knew that I would not leave indifferent to what sectors, but I did not imagine that so many people would echo the news, analyze the video, the song.

In the video clip he talks about people with power, politicians, surrogate gestation ... where is the germ of this issue?

The initial germ, what really motivated me to talk about the current situation, was when in the last elections returned to win the PP and I was in shock' Not only that, the cuts in health and education, corruption cases I thought "what is happening, what is happening to us, why we are covering such fundamental things and we forgive corruption"

This caused me uneasiness and I did not know very well how to take it to a song. A year later and little debate came out of the regulation of surrogate pregnancy and that's when something started to be created inside of me. I even reacted physically and started to investigate. The more the topic came out, the more it affected me.

Will we find more protest songs on the new album?

There are no songs like that because this is a 'rara avis' inside, not only of the album, but of my way of composing lately. We artists have the responsibility to try to capture the society in which we live. In 'Santa' we have 'Immaculate disappointment', a feminist song very covert Here I wanted to be much clearer. The rest of the songs follow the line of talking about stories, analyzing relationships from a sentimental point of view.

Their second single, 'Multiverse', is closer to their usual style, are there two Zaharas musically speaking?

No, there are a lot. I've heard a lot of different music. When I was young I listened to songwriters, classical, my grandmother sang copla, then I studied jazz, I listened to metal ... pop came to my life very late ... in the end I am the fruit of all that.

There is a 'late motiv' that is my way of interpreting and composing, but I think that it is rich that there are nuances. I do not like the albums that sound the same, to listen to them in the background yes, but in a concert there must be everything. I try to make my songs represent the different moods of a person.

Science fiction

In 'Astronaut', will it satisfy the melancholic appetite of its fans?

Although my life is now more stable, things that affect me continue to happen. In this album there is everything, there is no ultra dramatic theme like 'The cold' or 'With the desire', but there is 'War and Peace', with Santi Balmes (Love of Lesbian), and it is the dramatic baladon that surely satisfies the need for crying from my followers (laughs).

Define the disk in three words.

It is a journey, melodramatic and spatial.

His book, 'Work, floor, couple, has been a success, when did I make the decision to write it?

I started preparing to run a half marathon. This requires a lot effort, concentration, routine Making songs does not need that, it's more impulsive. To write a book you need to set daily goals and I spent 4 months just writing.

With the half marathon he did the same. The germ was installed and finally the publisher called me to tell me they wanted to publish my blog texts and I thought a novel was better. Have the pressure and count on that privileged support It was something I took advantage of.

What would you say right now to the Zahara 20 years ago?

When I was 15 years old, I was very screwed up, like every teenager. I was in my town and I was already singing and it was not very easy. I loved it, but I had the strange looks from the rest of companions. Now it's cool, but then they saw me as a weirdo who wanted to get attention. He would say to me: "All the shit you're eating now will make up for it. Everything will be fine, doll"(laughs)

What would you tell the public to immerse yourself in 'Astronaut'.

Those who do not like music, but literature or Science fiction, it is a record where I have allowed myself to create my own movie. It is the journey of an astronaut who abandons his life in search of habitable planets and does not know if he will return. In addition to the 10 new songs, has many things, a more complex edition. It is a fun object with many songs in addition to the new ones. Those who like music, have my stamp and those who do not know me will have to listen to it (laughs).


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