Video Chat with Strangers Online

Bored of Facebook and Twitter? There are many other amusing things to do online including video chat with strangers!


You may have heard of Chatroulette or Omegle. Both services operate random video chat that connects you with a random stranger for a one to one video chat. A very popular chat service that has been around for many years but has lost popularity since apps were launched such as Tinder and Snapchat. Mobile apps are more popular than ever, however, if you don’t want to have such apps installed on your device, simply open a browser and visit Random Video Chat!


Random Video Chat is a new service that allows you to chat with complete strangers on cam without registration. It is great fun with the element of surprise to who you are gonna chat with next. If you don’t enjoy chatting with the current person, you are able to hit the “Next” button and chat with another random stranger.


This new chatting service works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices and uses what is called “WebRTC” to connect two people together via webcams. No registration and no data collection makes it safe for anyone to use, protecting your privacy. Also the fact that there is no software or app to install not only saves space on your device but gives you complete anonymity.


As with any online chat service, you are guaranteed to get the oddball chatter or someone showing you something you don’t really want to see! Just click the “Next” button and they are gone for good, unless you are really unlucky and hook up to them again, which is highly doubtful.


So if you are looking for some fun online to pass the hours, start a Random Video Chat here and chat with strangers online for free! Don’t forget, never meet anyone in person that you meet on chat sites, they may not be the person you have met online.