March 8, 2021

Video: Being fat and ‘influencer’: the revolution of non-normative bodies | Present

“We use euphemisms:‘ gordibuena ’, curvy girl… No heck, is that to stigmatize a word you have to use it,” explains Miren Yaurne, who since she was nine years old labeled as fat For other girls from school. Miren Jaurne Martínez (36 years old, Madrid), better known in social networks like Mimi XXL, decided three years ago to open a youtube channel to talk about body positive, non-normative bodies and complexes. "I am lucky that by not living exclusively on this I can upload the content I want," says this young woman who managed to overcome an eating disorder and today has more than 170,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 50,000 On Instagram. This Madrid instagramer “tells stories and teaches stretch marks”, and she does it based on this movement, which seeks to eliminate complexes and show that there is not a single type of beauty: “I have met ladies of 40, 50 and even 60 years old who tell me‘ I wish I had this message when I was young, when I was growing up ’”.

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