Video analysis: World Suicide Prevention Day

Video analysis of Leocadio Martín.

Psychologist Leocadio Martín analyzes the importance of implementing public health measures to prevent and care for victims

I guess it's tempting to focus all our efforts on caring for people trying to end their lives. We cannot leave them alone as it seems that it may be happening. But
Nor can we think that everything is solved with a telephone service -welcome be-, which may remain a mere statistic, if a
Adequate circuit of psychological care in public health.

Suicidal behavior, as your awareness day specifies, is a behavior. And this is generated for many reasons.

Suicide is not a mental disorder. Some disorders may enhance it, but this is not the only thing that makes someone consider taking their own life.
There are many more causes that are multiplying this self-destructive phenomenon in our society. And maybe we should get it looked at.

We found that
more and more young people are trying to kill themselvesout of desperation, out of isolation, for not seeing the future, and many other social, economic, family, abuse causes..., which make suicidal behavior only be seen as preventing those who decide or think about it from doing it, staying in something insufficient.

Of course
it is important to attend to any person who comes to mind to take their own life, but it is not enoughmany more measures are needed, such as the
psychological care in emergencieseither
in primary carewhich guarantees that the people who call that telephone number can be
attended by mental health professionals -psychologists-, who help them to give up and understand what is happening to them.

But this is the tip of the iceberg, the one that comes out of the water and we see, but until we change
a model of society that is pushing many people to consider suicide as a solution to not continue sufferingall this, even the best health care systems, will not be enough.

Suicide, as I said, is not a mental disorder.
It is a serious public health problem.

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