February 28, 2021

Video | A farmer gets a bunch of grapes of ten kilos

2019-08-05 08:39:01

With more than ten kilos, this huge bunch of grapes becomes the largest in the world. It has been achieved by a farmer from the Palacios y Villafranca, in Seville, which today is the pride of its neighbors.
But it is not the only giant fruit in this locality, here size matters.
Fifty kilos weigh these watermelons, they just brought them from the field along with this pumpkin. And even older is Aurora, thanks to four months of mime and water.
His whole family has looked forward to how he became a giant.
It is a tradition he has inherited from his father: cultivate them to present them to a contest held tonight. There are few hours left, it's time to review them, prepare them and transport them, which is not an easy task.
After the contest, some donate them to the asylum and others distribute them to families, who will surely repeat menu several days.


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