September 22, 2020

Victory and championship for Tacoronte – La Provincia

Jesús Tacoronte and Mariola Sáez (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO-IX) champions of the Canary Islands of Slalom and the Provincial of Las Palmas are proclaimed after imposing in the XIX Slalom Memorial Jorge Santana, the last appointment of the contest. The pilot from Tenerife and the co-driver from Gran Canaria did not give truce to his opponents and won the victory with an 8-second advantage over Pedro Cuarental-Donovan Suárez (EVO-X) and a difference of 13.5 seconds over the third classified: Benjamin Avella-Tino Alemán (Mitsubishi Mirage Proto).

Tacoronte and Sáez are completing a successful season in which they can still add another title with the Championship of Rallys in Tierra de Canarias, which will have its last appointment at the end of December in Gran Canaria. With three scratchs to his credit for one of his greatest adversary, Jesús Tacoronte and Mariola Sáez were the masters of a test that was played with four timed stages, two in each direction, in which he invested a total time of 7: 37.7.

Cuarental and Suarez took hold in second place after winning the first round by a small margin of 3.5 seconds over Tacoronte. The Tenerife would later neutralize the difference in the next three sleeves to impose their rhythm and stand as the winner.

Cuarental, more and more coupled to his mount, found in Benjamin Avella-Tino Alemán his most uncomfortable rival. Avella was premiered with the Mitsubishi Mirage Proto, which was not an inconvenience, since it was improving its chronos until pressing Cuarental, which it exceeded in one of the sleeves finishing 5.5 seconds after stealing the privileged place.

Antonio López and Alejandro Pérez with BMW 325ix finished in fourth place 44.2 seconds behind the leader. Lopez showed all his claw on the new layout of the Canary Islands, which because of the rains fallen these days, left the floor more compacted than on previous occasions. López won 2.3 seconds over Cayetano Quintana-José María Pérez (Opel Corsa GSI), who were fifth at 46.5 seconds.

Brothers Fran and Aridane Álamo (Evo VIII) and the Car Cross of two of the favorites: Miguel Santana and Manuel Gutiérrez were out of competition for different circumstances.

The victory among the numerous car cross went to José Luis Fragiel, who beat Airam Suárez in 1.6 seconds (MV Racing Pro2). The third place went to Fernando Fontes (Speed ​​car Xtrem), at 2.2, David Masoliver (Kincar) being fourth, at 2.5, and David Rubén López (MV Racing Pro SP2), at 4.1.

In quads the podium was composed by Javier Peña (Suzuki LTR 450), as the winner to overcome in 10.4 seconds about Marcos José Ponce (Yamaha YFZ). Third place went to Juan Manuel Benítez (Suzuki LTR 400), 16.7 seconds.

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