Victoria Rosell: “The companies with surrogacy infringe the rights of women”

Victoria Rosell, in Madrid

Victoria Rosell, in Madrid

The Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, and legal experts have proposed this Thursday to ban companies of surrogacy and also legislate on their advertising because, as they have said, “violates the rights of women,” reports Efe.

The magistrate and former deputy for Las Palmas, Victoria Rosell, has participated in a debate organized by the Institute for Women together with the director of the Canary Institute of Equality, Kika Fumero, and the magistrates Lara Esteve Mallent Y Helena Gil Esteve on Sexual and Reproductive Health.

The Government delegate wanted to emphasize the “great” economic income that these companies receive from their activity and has regretted that they have a “significant” media lobby that supports them.

All the participants agreed to identify the practice of surrogacy as one more form of gender violence, at the same time that they have influenced the condition of “vulnerability” in which the women who agree to carry out the pregnancy find themselves.

Fumero has held that “finally” the term is referred to as “reproductive exploitation” and has alleged that bellies are not rented, “lives are rented”, and has already defended that the rights of the pregnant mother, in the case of applying a guarantee law, “they do not end when the pregnancy ends.”

Regarding the bond that is established between the pregnant mother and the family that wants the baby, Judge Esteve has indicated that the essence of that contract is always “the baby itself” and that in said contract the woman lacks guarantees in case of , for example, aborting “there is no psychological compensation if the woman suffers an abortion.”

“From the moment the mother’s womb is used to gestate a life, we are objectifying the woman”, has defended the magistrate Helena Gil, for whom surrogacy is another form of gender violence.

He also wanted to compare this practice with the buying and selling of organs: “We accept with surrogate mothers what we had rejected with organ trafficking,” he emphasized.

The Ministry of Equality has already been in favor of considering surrogacy as a type of violence against women when deciding to include this “reproductive exploitation” in the reform of the Law on sexual and reproductive health rights and voluntary interruption of pregnancy.


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