Victoria Abril, Feroz de Honor 2021, against vaccines and confinement

Alcobendas (Madrid), Feb 25 (EFE) .- After a year of pandemic lived in France, of "confinement, loneliness and depression", Victoria Abril has returned to Spain on the occasion of the award of the Feroz Honor Award 2021 more combative than ever, crying out against vaccines and coronavirus management.

"This is not covid, it is a coronacircus," said the actress, unconcerned about being taken as a "denialist": "We are guinea pigs, vaccines are unproven experiments that get us quickly and since they vaccinate us there are more positive cases", has said.

The reason for the press conference was the granting of the Feroz de Honor by the Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain (AICE) in recognition of his career, marked by his work with directors such as Vicente Aranda or Pedro Almodóvar and especially active in the 80s and 90s.

But before even starting, while posing for the cameras, the covid took center stage: "I do not cut my hair until my freedoms are restored," he said, wearing a long mane.

"Fear prevents you from living, worse than losing your life is losing your reason to live, that's enough," he added below.

The protagonist of films like "Kika" or "Lovers" recalled that in France the situation is worse because they have been without cultural or leisure activities of any kind for a year, "just work, metro and sleep."

For this reason and despite the fact that he has always been reluctant to accept awards, he has seized him as "a lifeline" to return to Spain, where he plans to settle - in Malaga in particular - until the situation improves, in view of the fact that the president French Emmanuel "Macron has asked again for another year to issue decrees and take away one hundred percent of our rights and freedoms."

In an interview with Efe just after the press conference, the brand new Feroz has influenced his criticism: "Pfizer is not responsible for side effects and put your arm on top," he said about the coronavirus vaccine.

"If you watch TV and don't go out, you think that people are dying in the streets, but people are dying like every year, the year 2020 has not had more deaths than the 19th, where is the pandemic?" asked.

"All this is to confine us and alienate our fundamental rights and freedoms and turn us into slaves and guinea pigs," he insisted, "and so that Amazon wins in two months of epidemic all the money that the EU has given us to pass it on."

The actress is expected to collect the award at a ceremony to be held on March 2 at the Coliseum Theater on Madrid's Gran Vía and which will be broadcast live on YouTube.

The Ferocious of Honor recognizes a career that includes almost a hundred films and a score of television series and that began very young, with just 15 years, no less than with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn in "Robin and Marian".

She has a total of nine Goya nominations and achieved the statuette as the best leading actress with "No one will speak of us when we have died" (1995) by Agustín Díaz Yanes, which also earned her the Silver Shell at the San Sebastian Festival.

Borau, Berlanga, Chávarri, Camus, Gutiérrez Aragón or Armiñan also chose her for their films, but above all two directors, Vicente Aranda, with whom she shot twelve titles, and Pedro Almodóvar, have been decisive in her career.

She has been asking Almodóvar for years to call her again. "Every time I see him, I tell him 'Pedro, I miss rice'", he acknowledged, "but no, love cannot be ordered or commanded online, bring me two kilos of love, it cannot".

To Vicente Aranda, with whom he made "The girl with the golden panties" (1980), "El Lute: walks or busts" (1987) or "Lovers" (1991), Silver Bear for best actress at the Festival de Berlin has reminded her as "the father, director and author" of who she is.

"For better or for worse, I am made in his image and likeness and everything I learned with him has served me well with others, Vicente is like the master key that opens all doors," he said.

Victoria Abril, who moved to live in Paris in 1982, has been an officer of the Arts and Letters of France since 1998 and in 2002 was named a 'knight' of the French Legion of Honor.

By Magdalena Tsanis


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