Víctor Sada: "I've lived basketball to the limit and that burns a lot" | sports

Víctor Sada: "I've lived basketball to the limit and that burns a lot" | sports

"And now, they've told me they're going to have a video about my career." The press officer of Barcelona, ​​Carles Cascante, remains livid a thousandth of a second before another of the funny occurrences that Víctor Sada He spreads throughout the press conference that puts an end to his career in basketball. There is no video, obviously, because the projection screen is not even installed. The crowded auditorium, full of players, coaches, relatives, representatives and friends, rejoices with Sada's humor.

At 34, he has decided to say goodbye to professional basketball. His career has been full of ups and downs, but in the end he exhibits an appreciable collection of titles in his showcase: a Euroleague, five Leagues and three Copas del Rey with Barcelona, ​​a FIBA ​​Eurocup with the Akasvayu Girona and the gold medal in the Eurobasket in 2011 and the silver in the London Games 2012.

"I'm leaving because basketball is very beautiful. I've lived it to the limit, to the maximum, both mentally and physically and that burns a lot. I have reached the limit mentally. And everyone also knows that I have based a lot on the physical. The back operation when I was 30 years old did not help. If it had been 20 years old, maybe it would have been better, "he explains. Flee from an excessive drama in their exhibitions. In this case he says that one day he calculated that his friend and ex-partner, also recently retired Juan Carlos Navarro accumulated throughout his career "sixty days and peak" in the video room.

He resists to drop the tears, scene already habitual in this type of farewells. Although it can not avoid a moment of maximum emotion when it is sincere: "I am 34 years old and I have spent 17, half life, in the Barça. One day I told Joe Ingles (ex-Nguyen now in the NBA with Utah Jazz), how much we were annoyed by the exercises that we underwent Toni Caparrós (physical trainer). But now I miss him, and my back too. I already said that when I was 34 years old I would consider it. The last years of a player are hard. When I left Andorra (2106) the cross was placed on me, not Sant Jordi's. And I suffered a situation with my partner quite hard. I decided to stay by her side and help her with everything. We left the skin in basketball and I realized that life is more important. I had two options to go abroad, but I preferred to stay with my partner. And I lost the wheel. But Elena would do it again, "he says, looking at his partner sitting in the first families with the entire Sada family, whose father, Adolf, competed with Barcelona from 1970 to 1974, his brothers Adolf and Kike played in the lower categories of the club, and his mother Neus was also a basketball player. "We have the Barça DNA series," he says proudly.

I suffered a situation with my partner quite hard. I decided to stay by her side and help her with everything. We left the skin in basketball and I realized that life is more important

"I have to look at my career with perspective. It's like a series, like Lost. When you start to see it, you do not like it at all. During my first years, people would see me and say 'good'. But I went to Girona I went back (to Barcelona), it starts to like more. And many people did not like the end of Lost, but I liked it. And I like my final ", compares the already exbase of 1.93 meters. "I've had a great time, living and working on what I liked. And I played against the Lakers, against Kobe Bryant and I hugged with Magic Johnson who is top. I had a great time, "says Sada, relaxed, master of ceremonies, questioning many of those present, Navarro, Manolo Flores, Pesic, the juniors.

And it lists the five best moments of his career. "They are the ones that have moved me the most, which is why we live the basketball." The first was when they told him he was going to the first team. "I started to cry. It was a dream come true". The second when he won the FIBA ​​Eurocup with the Akasvayu Girona. "Fontajau was full. And when we warmed up to play the semifinal against Estudiantes I noticed something, I knew we were going to win that title, yes or yes. " The third and most significant for him, the Euroleague of Paris with Barça in 2010. "I've looked at it. Xavi Pascual changed me for Lakovic with one minute and 23 seconds left. I gave my hand to everyone and we celebrated it with the fans, it was exciting, a dream fulfilled, a unique moment with the people I loved the most ". The fourth, the last League with Barcelona, ​​in 2014. "I won two trophies, that, and Elena. I have to thank for the good moments in the basketball and in life. "

When Pascual changed me missing a minute in the Euroleague final and we started celebrating the title it was a dream come true, a unique moment

And the fifth moment of his career, he said, was the one that was living at that moment, the one of his farewell. "Once Marc (Gasol) He told me that he had 500 jumps and he had to use them wisely because he had few. I was jumping all day. I had many jumps. I have been spending them and it has been a pleasure. Today is my last jump. I started with Barça B in blue Nike shoes and finished in Barça B with blue Nike shoes. It's a pride. "

He highlighted three of the coaches he has had throughout his professional career. "Pesic He has been like my father. He came to see B and Marc and me and he got us. And he made me start in the Cup when I was 19 years old. And when I gave a slump he gave me his confidence in Girona and I went back up. Pedro Martínez He also marked me. We started badly, but after a mid-season meeting everything went well. And with Xavi Pascual everything went very well in the first years, but after six seasons, we did not finish as I would have liked but I have to thank him because he bet for me at important moments ". He recalled that he started at Minguella, the Badalona team he played with until he was 12 years old. He presumed to have won the Molinet tournament, and took the opportunity to joke with the B team members who came to his farewell: "Did you win? Here at Barça you have to win. "

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