June 20, 2021

Víctor Perera Mendoza, winner of the 2021 Gregorio Chil y Naranjo Award

Víctor Perera Mendoza, winner of the 2021 Gregorio Chil y Naranjo Award

Víctor Perera Mendoza, winner of the 2021 Gregorio Chil y Naranjo Award

The Scientific Society The Canarian Museum has delivered on the morning of this Tuesday of Gregorio Chil y Naranjo Research Award 2021, in its modality of Humanities and Social Sciences. The jury has unanimously awarded the award to Victor Perera Mendoza for the toponymy work entitled “Native territories of the northwest of Gran Canaria”, presented under the pseudonym Milone de Arecusa.

The study has been deserving of the award for the recovery of all the indigenous toponymy fundamentally relative to the current municipalities of Tejeda, Artenara, Agaete and La Aldea, in the phase of being lost forever as a result of the depopulation of this territory. It is a huge work where the author successfully combines the use of written sources –especially notarial protocols–, bibliography and oral surveys. The work is divided into different chapters, where the territory is analyzed region by region to fix in space each of the place names that still exist and even those that have been disappearing due to lack of use.

All this makes the author worthy of this award, which involves the publication of the work and the delivery of a prize of 4000 euros in cash.

The Gregorio Chil y Naranjo Research Award is announced annually thanks to a collaboration agreement between the Scientific Society El Museo Canario and the Cajasiete-Pedro Modesto Campos Foundation. In the 2021 call, dedicated to research on Humanities and Social Sciences, nine works were eligible for the award, all of them of high quality, according to the jury. In this way, the good health that research enjoys in our islands is revealed, where a new generation of researchers with extraordinary preparation is emerging.

The jury in charge of evaluating the works that were opting for the award was chaired by Diego López Díaz, president of El Museo Canario, and included renowned specialists from various disciplines in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences: Rosario Álvarez Martínez, Trinidad Arcos Pereira, Manuel Lobo Cabrera and Francisco Quintana Navarro. The director of the institution, Daniel Pérez Estévez, acted as secretary.


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