Víctor Erice will shoot a new film 30 years later

Víctor Erice will shoot a new film 30 years later

It's been 30 years since Víctor Erice -one of the most influential authors of our cinema- will shoot his latest feature film, El sol del membrillo. 30 years in which moviegoers around the world have had to settle for short and small jobs, but in which a new film had not been shot. Now, the aid of Canal Sur, Andalusian public television, has revealed that Erice will shoot a new film, information confirmed by one of the producers of the project, Pecado Films. It's called Close your eyes, and it will also feature the production of Cristina Zumárraga from Tandem and Nautilis, Erice's own producer.

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The news has caught the producers by surprise, who have preferred not to provide more information, although Canal Sur is advancing that the protagonists will be José Coronado and María León. They do warn that its premiere would be projected, if everything goes as expected, for next year. Gone is his frustrated experience adapting El embrujo de Shangai, a project he worked on for years and never saw the light of day, although another approach directed by Fernando Trueba was filmed years later.

It is one of the most important news for Spanish cinema, since it means once again enjoying the gaze of one of the most important and personal authors in the history of cinema thanks to The Spirit of the Beehive, with which he won the Concha de Gold at the San Sebastián Film Festival, El sur, and El sol del membrillo, for which he won the jury award and the international critics' FIPRESCI award at the Cannes Festival.

Although he has not shot a feature film since then, Víctor Erice said this year that he had never stopped. Since 1992 he shot a moving fragment for the participatory film Centro Histórico, he shot his correspondence with the Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiraostami, and also turned his production towards video art. It is in this discipline that his most recent creation is found, Piedra y Cielo, a video installation that opened in 2019 at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum and has become a book -Stone and Sky. Jorge Oteiza, an evocation- where the origins and development of that work in which he wanted to 'cinematize' Jorge Oteiza's work are explained.

At that meeting, Erice did not advance this new film, what's more, he was pessimistic about an industry in which "there are some beacons that are imposed by large corporations that dictate what should be done and how it should be done." “From the experience of the Lumière brothers, from the original experience of cinema, only the movie theater remains as a residue. But the film, the audiovisuals, because I differentiate between cinema and audiovisual, is consumed not only on television, but also on tablets and mobile phones. In the first 80 or 90 years of cinema, the viewer's place was absolutely predetermined, and it was still the ideal place for me to observe the images of a film, the movie theater. I do not disdain the possibility of seeing a film in those procedures that the technique offers, but the experience is substantially modified”, said Víctor Erice at the time.

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