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Victims | Television | THE COUNTRY

The excellent and powerful series The Widow, co-produced by ITV, the commercial television channel of the United Kingdom, which Amazon broadcasts in Spain, it immerses the viewer in an unfrequented world, that of African child soldiers, as those of greed, terrorism or infidelity, which is also show, they are usually present.

Kinsasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rotterdam, Wales ... are the scenarios of a story created and directed by Harry and Jack Williams, architects of the great The Missing, with a great cast: Kate Beckinsale, Alex Kingston, the girl Shalon Nyandiko, the voluminous Ólafur Darri Ólafsson and the always impeccable Charles Dance, the Tywin Lannister Game of Thrones, among others.

A commercial flight between Goma and Kinshasa suffers a tremendous accident with only two survivors. Among the more than 170 dead is Will Wells, the husband of the protagonist. She isolates herself from the madding crowd in the Welsh countryside until she casually discovers her husband in an informative report about the revolts in Kinshasa. Three years have passed and he is about to find the one who thought he was dead. The adventure begins.

In a remote Congolese spot, she meets Adidja, an 11-year-old girl recruited by the rebellious guerrilla. Greed and corruption are embodied in General Azikiwe and in a coltan mine, an indispensable material in the 21st century, that is, an extraordinary source of income. The script locates, thanks to flashbacks, the personal contexts of the protagonists and the realization offers extraordinary sequences, such as the accident of the commercial flight seen from the perspective of the passengers, a show of rhythm and assembly. I touch complemented with the vision of the daily life of Kinsasa, a look without mystifications about a country with great natural resources immersed in misery, as a consequence of brutal European colonialism, civil wars and corruption.


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