Victims of thalidomide claim Health over 390 million euros

Victims of thalidomide claim Health over 390 million euros

The Association of Victims of Thalidomide (Avite) has filed an administrative patrimonial claim against the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, a previous step required by law to sue the State, and in which they seek compensation in the amount of 390,450,000 euros

In its claim, filed yesterday, Avite alleges that the ministry has made the abandonment of functions and breach of the law to the detriment of the victims for "not having recognized a single affected thalidomide in Spain according to the protocol established for that purpose 14 months, "he said in a statement.

According to the victims, despite the procedure for the recognition of those affected by the Interterritorial Health Council, in a meeting held in November 2017, "there is not a single officially recognized affected person to date".

In addition, Avite accuses the Government of "not proceeding to study the tax exemption of the aid pending receipt by the thalidomide as required by a proposition not of law for more than two years."

Those affected met last week with the Secretary of State for Finance, Inés María Bardón, who informed them that the Government does not consider regulating the tax exemption of the aid.

As a result of that meeting, Avite announced its intention to sue the State, considering that its claim is "legitimate" and avoiding comparative grievances with the rest of the affected in the world and with victims in Spain of other damages, such as HIV infection or hepatitis C or injured in traffic accidents or injured by medical negligence or terrorism.


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