September 19, 2020

Victims of Karadima say that the Chilean Church puts obstacles to the investigation of abuses

Victims of Karadima say that the Chilean Church puts obstacles to the investigation of abuses

The Chileans José Andrés Murillo, James Hamilton and Juan Carlos Cruz, victims of sexual abuse committed by the priest Fernando Karadima, today accused the Catholic Church of putting "obstacles" to the investigations carried out by the Chilean Justice.

In a letter in the newspaper El Mercurio, the three recalled that this week the archbishop of Santiago, Ricardo Ezzati, was silent before the prosecutor who summoned him to testify as charged for the alleged cover-up of sexual abuse committed by the former chancellor of his archdiocese Óscar Muñoz.

In addition, the Court of Appeals of Rancagua filed an appeal for protection that the Bishopric of Valparaíso filed, a measure that partially paralyzed the investigation of the case of Ezzati and Muñoz.

"This attitude of putting obstacles to the truth being investigated, is opposed, in the first place, to the right of the victims to have justice done," lamented Murillo, Hamilton and Cruz in their letter.

The three denouncers of Karadima, to whom Pope Francis withdrew the clerical state a few days ago, affirmed that the actions of the Church are also opposed to the Pontiff's call "to collaborate with justice and have zero tolerance with abuse and concealment" .

"It is incomprehensible that, knowing the attitude of the hierarchy of the Chilean Catholic Church, denounced by the pope himself, of having a culture of abuse and cover-up, the Court of Rancagua would welcome this recourse," the victims maintained.

In Chile, according to a cadastre published at the end of August, there are 119 ongoing investigations against 167 people related to the Church and 178 victims quantified, 79 of whom were minors when the events occurred.


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