Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Victims go up to eleven for the fall of two buildings in Rio de Janeiro

Victims go up to eleven for the fall of two buildings in Rio de Janeiro

The number of victims of the collapse last Friday of two buildings illegally built in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro rose to eleven after the finding on Monday of another body, while rescue teams continue the search for thirteen missing.

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The Rio Fire Department reported that in the morning today it removed from the rubble the body of a woman, who was identified as Antonia Sampaio, 31, with which the number of fatalities reached eleven.

On Sunday night, the body of another woman, Marría Abreu, the tenth victim of the collapse of two four-story buildings that had been built in a forbidden area and that were occupied this year despite the fact that the Mayor's office was seize the works and prohibit the use of the buildings.

Of the eight people who were removed alive from the rubble and hospitalized with different injuries, four remain hospitalized, one of which is considered to be very serious.

Two other people were rescued alive but died in the hospitals to which they were taken.

A hundred firefighters work since Friday at the site of the tragedy, in the neighborhood of Muzema, in the west of Rio, and have the help of sniffer dogs, drones and machines, hoping to find more survivors.

Likewise, at least five civil defense engineers, 38 municipal agents and a dozen health professionals participated in the rescue work.

The firefighters work with the possibility of finding survivors and have assured that they will not finish their work until "the last body is rescued".

The rescue teams allowed to return to their residences this Monday, to remove documents, clothes and valuables, to the inhabitants of thirteen buildings next to the two that collapsed and whose access was prohibited because they also run the risk of collapsing.

The two buildings that collapsed were built in an irregular manner in an environmental reserve area controlled by vigilante groups known as militias, which sold the apartments at prices much lower than those of the market but without delivering the respective documentation.

The seventh civil judge of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro, Ernesto da Fonseca Costa, accepted on Monday the request of the Prosecutor's Office to suspend any new work in the condominium built by the militias and that has about 30 buildings.


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