May 12, 2021

Vicky, the mother of Julen, talks every day with her other dead son

Vicky, the mother of Julen, talks every day with her other dead son

Vicky's clock stopped on May 14, 2017. He walked on the beach of Pedregalejo with his sister Anabel, his daughter Martina, Oliver (who was three years old) and Julen, who had barely turned seven months old. Suddenly, his eldest son stopped breathing, collapsed to the ground and when he arrived at the emergency room of the Children's Hospital his pulse had stopped forever.

She went into shock and did not want to let go of the child. "She held him three hours dead, talking to him, waiting for José, her husband, to arrive from the Dos Hermanas fair in Seville, where he was working. I did not want the autopsy done until the child's father arrived and I could take it, "recalls Elena, Vicky's great-aunt. From that moment on, it was not the same again. He entered a strong depression. According to their relatives tell this newspaper, at the time of the tragedy they were living in the house of Mari Carmen, José's mother, "but the house was falling on him, all were memories, it was very bad, of course, and live there it did not sit well so they decided to move, "recalls Candida, a friend of the family. At that moment, Elena offered them her residence, a two-story low house in front of Reme's (Vicky's mother). There they would be calmer. "Elena was on the ground floor and on the top floor, José, Vicky and Julen," says the neighbor. But Vicky's condition did not improve. "He never wanted psychological help, he just wanted to think and be with his Oliver. I was still talking to him »says Elena. Time passed and Vicky's health did not improve. They tell LA RAZÓN that still today the 29-year-old speaks as if Oliver were still alive. "He has at home the boy's shirt when he died, which is open in two when the doctors tried to revive him. She also has her cart and her toys, for her it is as if she were alive, "says a relative who asks us not to provide his identity. "Even when he goes to the cemetery, which is every week, he talks for hours with him and when Reme – who is the one who usually accompanies her – waters the flowers of the grave, asks her to stop pouring water because, according to her, she is going to drown him. I told them that if she continues like this she will go crazy, that she has to face it. Imagine how you are going to face Julen now. I do not know what will be of that poor family, "he adds. A family that has already endured several misfortunes because Vicky has recently suffered an abortion. «After Oliver's death, they wanted to give Julen a little brother», explains one of the people closest to marriage. «Vicky and José had an illusion, to return to Julen a brother that fate had taken from them. But they also went wrong. Vicky became pregnant recently but had to abort in an advanced stage of pregnancy due to a series of problems in the fetus. The poor woman was sunk, they do not know if they can have more children. What have they done to deserve this, is an injustice, "says the family member, who feels an enormous affection for the couple.

Vicky García and José Roselló met 17 years ago, in 2001, in Las Protegidas, the residential area of ​​fishermen's low houses in El Palo where they both grew up and where they played and ran as their two children, Oliver and Julen, would later do . "They were always very child-minded, they loved kids and they dreamed of having a big family", says Remedios, Vicky's mother. However, his dream was cut short.

"I can no longer believe in God, everything that he has done to my daughter and son-in-law is not fair. My daughter has a curse on her, with how good and happy she was when she was little, "the clan's grandmother sobs, He asks us not to raise our voices much because his mother, Julen's great-grandmother, does not know anything about what happened. "She is very old and we do not want that I am able to finish her," she pleads. "On April 23, 2017, Oliver had an incident, the child lost consciousness for about four minutes, but the doctors did not give importance. They said they had not seen anything important. A month later we left. A sudden death from heart disease, "says a relative. A "negligence", as claimed by relatives, who snatched their firstborn son and Vicky never recovered.

According to the psychologist Jesús Matos, the management of grief in the case of the death of a child is very complex and professional help is always needed. Remember, quoting the psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, that the phases of this process are, in the first place, denial. "In this way we cushion the emotional blow that the loss of a family member implies. Then comes the anger at the impotence of losing a family member. Later, the negotiation that supposes a fantasy in which we believe to be in control of the situation. We fantasize with the idea of ​​being able to reverse the situation, "he says. It is later when the depression arrives. "In this phase there is the sadness associated with the loss of a family member. And finally, acceptance is imposed, when you learn to continue living ». Not all people have to go through each of these links or the order is sequential. The key is always to have a support person by the side who, in the case of Vicky, has always been José, who has tried to keep his mind cold and take the reins of the family. "But he suffers a lot also for the loss of Oliver and Julen has finished off. My Jose still has the sound of his son's mobile saying: "Dad, do we play the ball?" When it sounds to everyone, our heart sinks, "says Elena.

The rescue operation of Julen began yesterday to drill the vertical tunnel of 60 meters parallel to the passenger compartment in which the child is, a process that they estimated would take 15 hours and followed by excavation by hand of a horizontal gallery during other 20 hours. The drilling to find the two-year-old boy who fell just a week ago to a narrow, deep well in Totalán (Málaga) began about 2:00 pm yesterday after completing the work of clearing, according to Efe. Its head, Angel Garcia, delegate of the College of Civil Engineers of Malaga, explained that after working all night on Friday it was possible to reach the level minus twenty-three and thus cross the rock mass that has made the work difficult in the last hours . "We have to make a 60-meter hole and in that space we can find outcroppings of the rock mass that has slowed the clearing operations to reduce the terrain."
Afterwards, the Asturian miners will make the horizontal gallery of access to the well in which the child is. A slower work because manual means, pistols and hammers are used. "In favorable conditions, 20 hours will be invested," Garcia explained. For the descent of the miners, a "kind of basket" of 1.2 meters in diameter was manufactured, in which two miners could enter to reach Julen.

The expert. The family of José and Vicky now struggle to "survive, because what is life, they do not have any left," says his family.


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