March 6, 2021

Vicious treatment when reporting a violation: "If you are able to dog, you are able to defend yourself" – The Province

The Mossos d'Esquadra have opened one investigation after a young woman's complaint from 17 years to two mossas d'esquadra for the treatment they gave him when he went to the police station to report that he had been the victim of a violation.

The complaint, as reported by the newspaper Ara, collects that the young woman claims to have endured phrases like "If you had been raped you would come hysterical and much more affected";"Your narration of the facts is not credible";"Why do you hang photos on Instagram?";"If you go drunk these things happen";"If you are able to dog, you must be able to defend yourself";"If I were your mother … many girls come to make false reports, you look like one of those".

The aggression it would have happened, according to the young woman's complaint, in the month of June and a disco. The girl met two boys after asking for tobacco and when she left the nightlife she suffered sexual assault.

The young woman, affected by what happened, did not go to the police station until two days later. "I was worse than when I entered, they hurt me a lot", narrated after the vexatious treatment received.


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