Vicente del Bosque, among the more than 50 speakers at the IV edition of the Forum of Foundations and civil society




The Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF) celebrates today and tomorrow the fourth edition of Demos, the Forum of Foundations and Civil Society, which this year will bring together professionals from all fields (philanthropy, culture, science, politics, sport …) to debate, act and promote new approaches that respond to the most urgent needs of the actual society. The meeting will be held through online sessions upon registration and face-to-face sessions broadcast via streaming in the Auditorium of the Casa del Lector (Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez, Madrid).

More of 50 speakers They will participate in this event, which was inaugurated this Tuesday by Javier Nadal, president of the AEF. Among the participants stand out Vicente del Bosque, former coach of the National Soccer Team; Sandra Ibarra, president of the Sandra Ibarra Foundation; Marta Rivera de la Cruz, Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid; ; Mar Cabra, journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner; Carme artigas, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence; José María Lasalle, professor, writer and former Secretary of State for Culture; Vicente Vallés, journalist; Miranda massie, director of the New York Climate Museum, and Asha Curran, CEO of the #GivingTuesday movement. All of them will seek solutions to the great problems that impact on this changing society.

Foundations’ work in the pandemic

Foundations have mobilized their resources during the worst moments of the pandemic, to put them at the service of society. In this sense, they have been carrying out important work on the streets for decades for the most vulnerable: they have structures and networks that allow them to quickly locate the most urgent needs and bring help efficiently. From the AEF they have wanted to emphasize the thread of the celebration of this forum that «The foundations know very closely the groups especially impacted such as the elderly, the sick, the dependents or families with fewer resources.

In those tough months, the AEF launched a “solidarity chain”, an initiative created to help foundations make visible the sector’s aid proposals in the face of the coronavirus crisis and make them available to beneficiaries. More than 150 foundations launched 300 initiatives with numerous projects in different fields of action: purchase of sanitary material, purchase of food and basic necessities, aid for students and teachers, aid for the self-employed and entrepreneurs, aid for families and funds for research, among others.

One of the most prominent has been the largest program in Spain against the educational digital divide Thanks to which 5,023 tablets were distributed, donated by Indra, so that schoolchildren without digital resources would not be left off the hook when face-to-face classes were canceled. 28 foundations participated in this project that reached boys and girls from the 17 autonomous communities, in addition to Ceuta and Melilla.

Foundations and fight against the Covid crisis

Top-level experts are reflecting these days on the immediate and future challenges, as well as the way in which the sector can contribute, together with public and private institutions, to achieve a sustainable recovery. In addition, the foundations’ proposals will be presented to public administrations to ensure their future as an essential agent of the third sector, which has played a fundamental role during the pandemic.

In the words of Javier Nadal, president of the Spanish Association of Foundations (AEF), «Foundations have been able to rebuild ourselves, to adapt our vision and to be imaginative and creative with the solutions ”. In this sense, he explained that “many foundations have had to change their activity, to open new initiatives or reconvert those they had to deal with the difficulties we were going through and so we continue ». In his opinion, these types of institutions are always present where there is a problem and cover gaps and needs where the State does not reach.

In this sense, the functional sector has an important intellectual capital whose knowledge, experience and ideas are focused on finding solutions and solutions in post-Covid society.

ERTEs and reinvest what was recovered from the ransom

Javier Nadal has also highlighted the importance of solving some of the most urgent demands of the sector such as the application of ERTE. «Between 25% and 30% of the foundations have applied ERTES. Our sector is an essential ally of the public sector in the reconstruction of post-Covid Spain, but, for that, we need to be strong, “said the president of AEF, who asks to act on” five fronts “such as the modernization of the patronage model. , legislate taking into account the plurality of foundations, create a new supervision model to be assumed by “a transversal ministry”, reinvest part of the recovered from the bailout to the banks “in the general interest” and that they can benefit from European funds.

«Both now and in the future, We must preserve and strengthen the fabric of operational civil society, which carries out a discreet and permanent activity and which is essential to protect citizens against this type of crisis ”, have pointed out from the AEF.

V AEF Awards

The delivery of the V AEF Awards will be the culmination of the fourth edition of this forum, some awards that were born in 2016 for distinguish the entities that best reflect the values ​​of a sector which invests more than 8,000 million euros and benefits 35 million people. The objective is to recognize values ​​or attitudes that reflect the essence of the founding sector, as a platform to meet the needs of citizens, and their commitment to society.

This year, as a special measure, the AEF board of directors has agreed to add an evaluation criterion by which The positive impact of those projects that help or have helped alleviate the effects of the global crisis caused by Covid-19 will be taken into account. The 4 modalities of the awards are Communication, Philanthropic Initiative, Collaboration and Social Innovation.

#Giving Tuesday

# Demos2020 is framed in the #GivingTuesday, un global movement that is celebrated on December 1 and that seeks to encourage and multiply the good actions of people. The goal is to dedicate a day around the world – the Tuesday after #BlackFriday and # CiberMonday – to celebrate the action of finding the final challenge of expanding solidarity 365 days a year. The Spanish Association of Foundations is a collaborating entity in this initiative.

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