Vicente Boluda opt for the presidency of Real Madrid - La Provincia

The Valencian businessman Vicente Boluda confirmed on Monday his intentions to stand for the elections of the year 2021 in the Real Madrid and fight for Florentino Pérez.

"Real Madrid has a president who is very good, another thing is that next year there are new elections and I want to be elections, and for that there have to be two candidates and one is going to be different from what it is. I will introduce myself, "Boluda said at lunch with the means of Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), of which is its president.

Boluda stressed that holding the position of president of the Madrid club "is a spectacular thing" and that "elevates" any other distinction one has. "You go to any country and they treat you like President of the goverment, multiplies everything for good and for bad, "he remarked, making it clear that in bird will continue until they "want".

The businessman stressed that he does not think he has problems to overcome the harsh conditions to present himself, especially the economic ones in the form of the guarantee, which must be 15 percent of the club's budget, since he has the 20 years of membership required by the Statutes.

"Three are necessary," he replied, asking about possible signings, without mentioning any name, one of the world's largest shipping entrepreneurs who already held the position of interim president of the 13-time European champion when Ramón Calderón, of which he was one of his vice presidents, resigned in January 2009. Later, he left the armchair to Florentino Pérez when he returned in June of that year and won the elections without rival.

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