Vice President calls on Colombians to build a better country in 2019

Vice President calls on Colombians to build a better country in 2019

Colombian Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez called on citizens today to work together during 2019 to build "the best version of Colombia".

"That at midnight (…) all Colombians in the New Year toast, but also in the purposes for next year, we commit ourselves to bring out the best that there is in each of us, to build together the best version of Colombia, "Ramírez said in a video broadcast by his office.

The vice president pointed out that Colombians must work with "talent, intelligence, diligence, commitment and solidarity" that characterizes them and makes them "unique".

He explained that he hopes that by 2019 they will collaborate with the institutions to "continue to improve every day" and strengthen democracy and the economy, which he considered "solid".

"Together we have to make our democracy stronger and we are able to reject in our country any risk that this democracy may have one day," said Ramírez.

He also stressed that Colombia experienced positive and great opportunities during 2018 in areas such as sports, science and economy, despite the "ups and downs" and "moments of difficulty."

"I wish all Colombians a happy, happy, happy year 2019, for all families, for all women in Colombia, that we contribute more and more to that quota of femininity, sensitivity, putting ourselves in the shoes of the other. To all Colombians the best for this 2019, "he concluded.


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