August 5, 2020

Vetusta Morla tickets go on sale this Wednesday

After the remarkable reception by the announcement of the return ofVetusta Morlathe Archipielago in the month of May, gives 29 in the annex of theStadium of Gran Canariaand the day 31 in theFairground of Santa Cruz Tenerife, the Organization of the concert announces that the tickets for both appointments will go on sale this Wednesday October 31, from 12:00 hours and also informs -in this communication- that the venue to celebrate the Tenerife concert has changed from the parking lotPalmtum to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Exhibition Center.

Those interested in the musical appointment to see the Madrilean band live can purchase their tickets through the website and the Marypaz stores. In addition, in Tenerife they can also be purchased in Sonora Discos. The price of tickets oscillate between 32 and 42 euros.

After his last visit to the Islands six years ago,Vetusta Morlareturns to present the sounds of his last studio album, Same Site, Different Place, work that is an invitation to the very epicenter of Vetusta Morla to assist in the first person a reaffirmation of its essence, cemented, ironically, in a hectic metamorphosis. The album reflects in a fragmented way a process of transformation, being at the same time the process itself, its story and the result of it. His ten songs can be read as a refounding manual that emanates from the need of the band to continue interpreting their reality through music, keeping intact its seal of undeniable honesty.

Same Site, Different Place has an unusual combination of introspection and energy, it is a self-analytical album that looks inside the group's members, Pucho (voice), David Garca El indio (drummer), Alejandro Notario (bass), Jorge Gonzlez (percussion) and Guillermo Galvn (guitar). But that interior ends up being a diorama of what happens at different levels of the exterior; the band, the society and the privacy of those who listen to it. Same Site, Different Place is the title of the album and is also the name of the last song. The first chord that sounds is the same one that closes it. The circle is fixed. Vetusta Morla is in the same place, but now it is a different place that already feels like home and refuge.


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