Vettel "betrays" Ferrari and delivers victory to Hamilton

The Russian Grand Prix will go down in Ferrari history because of a disagreement between Vettel and the "red" team that ended with a disaster for Scuderia. At the start and with a lot of distance ahead, the Ferrari dominated in terms of top speed. Leclerc defended his position, but he had woven a strategy. The Monegasque would rebuild Vettel so that the German achieved more speed and thus be able to defend himself against the attacks of the Mercedes. That was the initial pact. Then Vettel would return the position to return to the natural order of the classification in which Leclerc had achieved the best time. They had everything to get a red double. But everything got complicated. Vettel did not honor the pact and that led to disaster at Ferrari and Leclerc. The young figure did nothing more than ask when he would spend the first place and met the "betrayal" of his partner. He did not respect what was agreed and when both went through the pits the situation did not change. Yes he did a few minutes later. Vettel suffered a break in the hybridization system, which caused the neutralization of the race, a circumstance that Hamilton took advantage of to change wheels and waste much less time than his rivals since the test was slowed down. This led Leclerc to third place behind Bottas, who did something similar to his partner. The Ferrari tried everything to overcome the Nordic. But it proved impossible. Leclerc was willing to protect his partner to avoid being overtaken by the Mercedes, but the second part of the agreement was not fulfilled. Hamilton met the victory and of course did not miss the opportunity.

Carlos Sainz made a great career again. He left from fifth place and came to fight for third place with Bottas, which he came to advance. But the McLaren is not yet to fight with the best and fell to sixth place, the best of non-Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull.

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