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Vetada 'The Little Red Riding Hood' by sexist | Catalonia

Vetada 'The Little Red Riding Hood' by sexist | Catalonia

A photograph of the library of the Tàber School.

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The Tàber school in Barcelona, ​​whose ownership corresponds to the Generalitat, has decided to review the catalog of titles that are part of the catalog of its children's library. After analyzing the books for children up to six years old they decided to withdraw 200 titles considered "toxic" because they reproduce sexist patternss, which is 30% of the fund. In 60% of the stories the problem is less serious, while only found a 10% that was written from a gender perspective. Other centers also work on acquiring more equal books.

The Day of Sant Jordi, an ideal appointment in which nurseries and schools recover the legend or in which many parents will go in search of a story for their children. A glance at the extensive catalog of stories about the hero that ends with the dragon reveals that most titles pick up the stereotypes in which the male character is the brave hero who must save the fearful princess. But in the market, alternative titles such as Santa Jordina (Inés Macpherson, La Galera publishing house) or The revolt of Santa Jordina (Lyona and David Fernàndez, editorial Amsterdam), where the girl is the heroine and where, by the way, the dragon does not have to die.

The legend of Sant Jordi is one of the retired at the Tàber school, but also Sleeping Beauty or Little Red Riding Hood, as it advanced yesterday the municipal television Betevé. However, Anna Tutzó, one of the mothers who forms the commission that reviewed the catalog, prefers not to give titles because she considers that the important thing is to focus on the underlying problem, which goes beyond traditional stories. "Also, these are minority, it also affects books to learn the alphabet, colors or habits. Society is changing and is more sensitive to the issue of gender, but this is not reflected in the stories, "he says.

No parity in 'The Three Little Pigs'


This is getting mad. Finding that traditional stories conform to the new ideas of society, even if they are good, is aberrant. Precisely one of its virtues is its transgressive character. Do we have to worry about there being no parity in The three Little Pigs -Surely someone would scream in heaven if they were The three little pigs- or little in Snow White (7x1 + the queen / witch, which is bad), which also shows family abuse? Is it sexist? The little rat that swept the ladder? Would it be better if the ugly were little? One trembles when thinking that the next thing will be to enter into the adventure novel. Without parity in The Three Musketeers (and Milady = bad), Beau Geste, Three Bengali lancers, The four feathers... A little sanity, please.

The most common situations they found, Tutzó abounds, is to associate masculinity with values ​​such as courage and competitiveness. "Also in situations of violence, even if they are small pranks, it is the child who makes it against the girl. This gives a message of who can exercise violence and against whom, "he adds.

Concerns about the type of book children read are spreading in many schools. At the Montseny school in Barcelona they will also begin to review the catalog, taking advantage of the computerization process. And it also announces that they will withdraw those that they consider sexist.

At the Fort Pienc school, the AMPA has also created a gender equality commission that, among other things, looks closely at the content of the books. The school does not have a library, but last year families bought dozens of books to create a quiet space in the yard so that those students who wanted to could change the ball for a book. Then, they watched that none of them was sexist. "The type of books children read is very important because traditional books replicate gender stereotypes and it is good to have books available that break with them," explains Estel Crusellas, president of the AMPA of the Fort Pienc school. This mother, in addition, defends the importance of taking care of the type of reading the smaller the student is. "With five years old children have already consolidated gender roles, know what it is to be a boy or girl and what it implies. So it is essential to work with a gender perspective in the childhood stage. "

The review of the Tàber school's children's catalog was made last year and now they are addressing those that affect primary school. In this case, says Tutzó, they have not considered withdrawing any title. "In early childhood children are sponges and absorb everything around them, so they can naturalize sexist patterns. In contrast, in primary school students have more critical capacity and books can be an opportunity to learn, so that they themselves realize the sexist elements. From the Montseny school, they also agree that in primary school these types of books are another tool to learn from a critical perspective. Ester Murillo, mother of the AMPA of this center also considers that "this awareness of the contents of the books should be shared by both families and teachers, who must internalize and transmit it in the classroom."


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