August 5, 2021

Vestas agrees with the workers an ERE with compensation of up to 67 days | Economy

Vestas agrees with the workers an ERE with compensation of up to 67 days | Economy

The workers of the Vestas plant in Villadangos del Páramo (León) and the Danish wind turbine multinational have reached an agreement on the ERE of extinction due to the closure of the Leon installation, which affects 362 workers. The agreement includes, according to the company, an "ambitious" relocation plan that implies the extension of the indefinite staff contracts until December 31, 2018 and indemnities of up to 67 days. The agreement has the support of the works council and has been ratified by 90% of the workers of the factory.

According to sources of the company, the agreement includes a double relocation plan: an internal one, with the possibility of relocation to other factories and Vestas work centers inside and outside of Spain. Vestas has two other factories in Spain, one in Daimiel (Ciudad Real), which manufactures blades for the wind mills, and another in Viveiro (Lugo), which produces wind turbines, in addition to the central offices in Madrid. The external plan is a 24-month agreement with a training company whose objective is the reintegration of 80% of the workforce that participates in said plan.

The agreement also includes the automatic extension of all indefinite contracts until December 31. When they are extinguished, workers will receive up to 67 days per year worked, depending on each case, plus a linear one (a fixed amount) of 1,000 euros. Those who prefer to voluntarily cancel before December 31, will receive the same compensation, but with a linear of 500 euros. For those over 54, the agreement contemplates partial retirements, an incentive leave plan and a bonus linked to the resumption of production, as reported by the multinational through a statement.

In order to mitigate the consequences of collective dismissal and encourage the resumption of production under normal conditions of social climate and quality, Vestas has also offered a bonus to production equivalent to 15 days of gross salary per year of seniority.

"The outcome of the negotiations has been satisfactory for both parties and we are very happy to have reached an agreement with the workers that will mitigate the impact of the closure of the factory at the end of the year," says the director of operations of Vestas Jean. -Marc Lechêne To which he added that "cease our activity in Leon with good conditions of departure for Vestas staff has always been important for the company."

On the other hand, the agreed plan also contemplates Vestas' commitment to maintain the plant in good condition after the end of production in 2018, in order to favor reindustrialization through a new investor. The Government is looking for a new investor to do it charge of the Vestas plant and thus "mitigate the consequences" of the closure and "maintain industrial capabilities" in the region, according to the Secretary General of Industry and Pymes, Raúl Blanco, last week. The Minister of Industry, Reyes Maroto, said Monday that next Wednesday there will be a meeting with an investor interested in staying with the plant and has assured that it plans to sign "in a few days" with Vestas a reindustrialization plan that will serve to alleviate the closing of the plant of this multinational in the town of Leon.


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