March 6, 2021

Very risky "pole" by Marc Márquez in Brno to match Doohan's record in MotoGP

The current champion and current World Cup leader has risked more than anyone to get the pole position in Brno. Marquez has given a lesson in bravery, intelligence and class to leave his rivals with his mouth open and with the feeling that no one You can with the great dominator.

Marc could with the rain and took the best time in the last five minutes of vertigo. He has put the tires dry while the track was still wet and has scored two magnificent laps. The last, with the rain falling again and risking a fall. But nobody is braver than him, as could be shown. Only Miller tried to follow him, but he went to the ground.

So many "poles" in MotoGP like Doohan

With the championship more or less at your fingertips, Marc Márquez is conquering other titles in the meantime. In Brno he has made history, again, to get his "pole" number 58 in MotoGP, a figure that matches the record that until now was held by Mick Doohan alone. The number 93 has reached in this section to the myth of the 500cc and that established this mark in the Grand Prix of Argentina of 1998. Twenty-one years later, the Australian sees how Marquez equals him and will most likely overcome him clearly in the remainder of the season .

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