February 27, 2021

Very cold weekend, up to 7 degrees below zero, and low in rains

Very cold minimum temperatures, between 4 and 7 degrees below zero, will be the protagonists of a winter weekend in which the rain, following the same trend of the last days, will hardly make an appearance.

Watch out for the cold of the next few hours! Beafe Hervella, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), has warned Efe to influence that during Sunday, and in areas linked to the northern plateau and the Douro Valley With very dense fogs, the maximums can be maintained in negative values ​​all day.

From today “daytime temperatures fall” in practically the entire Peninsula, more pronounced in the northern half and in mountain areas where the descent can be up to 3 degrees less, which will favor frosts in both plateaus and in high areas, he said. Hervella

Given this situation, the Aemet has activated on Friday the yellow alert (risk) in the provinces of Guadalajara, Ávila, León and Zamora for a minimum between 6 and 7 degrees below zero, and orange alert (significant risk) on the coast of Cantabria , Basque Country, Asturias and Galicia by waves between 5 and 7 meters.

By province capitals, today the peninsular maximum will be registered in Malaga with 19 degrees followed by Almería, Huelva and Seville with 17 degrees, while in the center of the Peninsula, the daytime will be somewhat lower and thus, Madrid and Guadalajara, will mark 10 degrees while Toledo will stay at 11 degrees.

Tomorrow temperatures will continue to fall, with values ​​up to 5 degrees below normal, and the yellow warning for intense cold will extend to the provinces of Huesca, Teruel, Zaragoza, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Ávila, León, Zamora, Lleida and Madrid with values ​​between 6 and 7 degrees below zero.

During Saturday, Malaga will once again be the warmest capital -18 degrees-, a temperature far from the maximum 5 degrees that Zamora or the 9 degrees of Soria will register.

For Sunday, the coldest night in the whole country is expected, except in some areas of Granada and Malaga, while for the day the same trend of the previous day will continue with higher values ​​in high points and very cold in low areas from the northern plateau and the valleys of the Duero and the Ebro.

During this holiday, the areas of freezing cold will be specific areas of the provinces of Valladolid, León and Zamora.

Over the next few days, the situation will, in all likelihood, tend to progressively unstable, starting with Galicia, due to the arrival of new Atlantic fronts that could extend to other areas of the Atlantic and Cantabrian slopes, without affecting the Mediterranean area, where it will remain more stable.

In this regard, the spokeswoman has stressed that after 18 days of anticyclonic stability, the situation of atmospheric blockage is broken, temporarily and until Sunday, by the progress of a trough that will leave some instability and rain in some areas of the peninsula.

However, it will not be until Wednesday and Thursday of next week when new fronts penetrate “very slowly” towards the Peninsula: “you cannot speak of an entry of significant fronts, except Galicia, until the middle of next week.”

With regard to the Canary Islands, the spokeswoman for the Aemet has explained that until Monday there is enough cloudiness in the north of the islands, where there may be some weak rains, and less cloudiness in the south, with trade winds from the northeast .


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