Verstappen dispatches to Hamilton after Silverstone crash

Behind the accident with Lewis hamilton that has left him out of the race in the first lap of the Great Britain Grand Prix Max verstappen has exploded in its social media and has accused the British of endangering him with his risky track action and of disrespecting him by later celebrating his victory when the Dutchman was still hospitalized.

Verstappen has explained that he is physically wellAlthough as a precaution and as is normal after suffering an impact as strong as today in the very fast Copse curve at Silverstone, he has been transferred from the circuit medical center to a nearby hospital to remain under observation and undergo more exhaustive tests.

Hamilton overtook Charles Leclerc with two laps to go for the end of the race and unleashed the euphoria of the 140,000 fans who packed the stands of the British track, some images that doubly ‘stung’ Max, who remains leader of the World Championship although now by only 8 points compared to the pilot of Mercedes.

“I’m glad I’m okay”

“First of all, I am glad to be well. It was quite an impact at 51G, but I feel better,” Verstappen wrote on his social networks. “Obviously I am very disappointed that I was taken out of the race in this way. The sanction imposed (10 “on Hamilton) does not help us at all and does not do justice to the dangerous maneuver that Lewis made on the track, “he lamented.

Watching the celebrations after the race while still in the hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior, but we move on “, the pilot of Red bull. The team has also shown its dissatisfaction with the “too light” penalty imposed on Hamilton and its director Christian Horner has said that they do not rule out filing an appeal, “although everything seems decided and we have it difficult. Without a doubt, the incident will bring ‘tail’ in the next few days.


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