June 15, 2021

Verónica Forqué: “People are looking forward to going back to theaters, I’m just grateful”

Verónica Forqué.

Verónica Forqué.
Mara Villamuza

The actress Veronica Forqué goes for two years that began with ‘The things that I know are true’, the drama of the Australian Andrew Bovell that this weekend stops at Asturias (Niemeyer, Friday 28, at 7:30 p.m.; Jovellanos; Saturday 29, at 7:30 p.m.), now that the weather is less pandemic than a year ago, when they began to cancel functions on behalf of the virus. And it is that, on the other side of the phone, in a “suffocating” Madrid She admits in conversation with La Nueva España, a newspaper belonging to the same editorial group as this newspaper: “People are looking forward to going back to the theaters: I’m just grateful.”

This, filling the theaters, check it now that it composes a “very different” role whom he has played so far. And it is that, where it goes with the family drama directed by Julián Fuentes Reta, it triumphs. In fact, there are no tickets on sale for Niemeyer’s night, but there have been no tickets for weeks.

His gratitude “is to the entire universe”, he says. And it is that he admits that he could not do better than decide to be an actress. “I am happy on stage because for me the stage is sacred,” he emphasizes. Some that he knows well are the Asturian women. He premiered in Avilés his highly successful ‘Shirley Valentine ‘, that the Luanquin Nacho Artime had covered. And with ‘Adulterios’ he also debuted in Avilés, a comedy he had written Woody Allen and that he directed, as he also directed “Spanish, Franco has died”, the penultimate show that was programmed at the Palacio Valdés theater before the order to close the country, virus through.

Forqué explains to this newspaper that the papers he chooses based on the stories, which must interest him more than others. “I have been fortunate that they always offered me protagonists in theater,” he emphasizes. His was, for example, the first Carmela of ‘Ay, Carmela’, that of José Luis Gómez, a character that he repeated a few years later, then, with Miguel Narros and Santiago Ramos.

‘The things that I know to be true’, continues counting, it came from the hand of Fuentes Reta, the stage director, “which is a sun” and whom he adores. “I saw ‘When it stops raining’, the previous work by Bovell, which Fuentes Reta also directed. It was wonderful. Bovell is an Australian writer. He was with us during the rehearsals last year, a very talented guy, “adds the actress who last year won the” Max “award for best actress, precisely for this work that she says is unique. “I had never done a thing like this,” he adds.

Verónica Forqué is “looking forward” to returning to Asturias. “I am grateful to the universe, to the whole world”, insists. This fall it will be among the kitchens of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’.


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