July 9, 2020

Verín hospital workers are locked up due to suppression of the delivery room

Workers of the Hospital de Verín have initiated an indefinite closure in the facilities on Monday after the decision of Sergas to close the parliament, while they have advanced that they will continue with the protests as long as the Councilor for Health, Jesús Vázquez, does not meet with them. to find a solution

The closure occurs after the mass mobilization that took place this weekend in the town hall of orensano and was seconded by thousands of people to claim more staff and to provide services to the hospital.

In statements made to Efe, the president of the delegate commission of the Verín hospital, Eva Fernández, has advanced that they will remain locked up until “the conselleiro meets” with the workers, especially “after the response” this Saturday to the call of the demonstration.

Currently, around ninety people, including health professionals, pregnant women, children and members of the health platform remain locked since eight in the morning coinciding with this first closing day.

The workers question again the action taken by management to close the delivery room according to the baby's safety parameters, understanding that it is not a “technical decision”, but a political one, while they have warned of possible health risks.

This representative of the workers has wondered how it will mean “more quality” to have to travel distances of an hour and a half to get to the Ourense hospital -especially pregnant-, since they have also “stopped having a pediatrician”, after the previous local pediatrician will retire.

To all this, they add other relative doubts about who will accompany the transfer of children up to three years to Ourense from now on, since there is no pediatrician and the referral protocol states that "they should go with a pediatrician."

In full conflict over the closure of the delivery hall, the workers demand the resignation of the manager of the regional hospital of the town, Miguel Abad, and the rest of the team, coinciding with the announcement of the address to suppress the delivery service.

They criticize that it has been "disappeared" until today coinciding with the announcement of the closing of the parrot and that it is based on "technical measures" to justify the suppression of the service.

The Sergas defends the suppression of the service based on scarce births and, in this line, all the doctors of the University Hospital Complex of Ourense (except those who are on leave or on vacation) have signed a letter to support the management's decision.

Last Thursday, the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, said that it is the Gynecology and Pediatrics services of the Ourense health area that have proposed, "for security reasons", to close the Verín parlor due "to the drastic decrease in annual births. "

"If we did the opposite (and we did not transfer the deliveries to Ourense), after being seriously warned and in writing, we would clearly be jeopardizing the safety of women and their children," said Núñez Feijóo.

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